Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


9. Surprise Guest

Oh my god. What do I do! What the hell am I suppose to do! He's here in my house! He's Lou! That's does make sense though since he did leave the bathroom just before Harry. But like seriously! What do I do? I'm so confused!!! Do I lock myself in my room? Should I stay with Gemma? Should I go doll myself up or should I make my move? 

Move? What move? I don't have a move to make! Oh god I'm so scared! 

"Uhhh.... Hi" Giving him and awkward smile and a small wave. Still keeping my eyes locked on his.

"Louis this is Diana, Diana this is Louis!" Harry says very cheerfully.

"Hi! Long time no see!" He sends me smile

"I saw you this morning." I return the smile and roll my eyes.

"Wait a minute here! You two know each other?" Harry asks breaking are gaze from each other. 

Fuck you Harry. But thank you too. If it weren't for Harry being in a band Louis wouldn't be here! 

"Yea I met him while you were in the bathroom....." 

"Then when I got out she yelled at me" Louis interrupts my story

"I told you I thought you were Harry!" He just laughs and I just roll my eyes again. I then see Harry lean across the couch and whisper something in Lou's ear. I hear laugh come from Louis and he shakes his head at Harry and says 'I'll try not to' while releasing a laugh. Harry then gives him a scowl and Louis simply says 'fine'.

What is Harry telling him? I start to wonder then realize I dropped my bags. I start to pick the mess up but it's a bit more difficult since every thing fell out. Louis notices and walks over an begins to help me grabbing shoes an placing them in their boxes. He helps me take them to my room well "our room" I suppose. 

"You can just place them there" pointing to my bed. 

"So this is where I'll be staying" 

"Yeah," well this is awkward.....

"So......" He rubs the back of his neck clearly not knowing what to say.

"Yeah.... Well I'm going to go take a shower and I'll get you some blankets"

"Okay.." He gives me a nod. I then head to the closet and return to him handing him some blankets. 

"Thank you"

"No problem" I send him a smile. He returns it and heads downstairs.

I grab my towel and place it in my bathroom. That's one of the things I missed while I was gone. I missed having my own bathroom and what makes it more convenient that's it's attached to my room. I begin to dig through my drawers looking for some cute pajamas.

I can't believe I'm actually stressing over what pajamas to wear! I finally decide on some pink silk shorts, the matching tank-top and the matching pink silk robe. I start to head to the bathroom until I hear Gemma call my name.


"COMING!" Still having my things in hand as I run towards Anne's room.

"What's wrong!" I asked frantically dropping my things on the floor I don't care though I'm just wondering if Anne is getting worse.

"Nothing me mum and I are going to go pick up her prescription from the pharmacy." I sigh in relief and nod.

"Harry ordered some pizza in case you get hungry dear, it should be on its way now." My poor sick aunt says while raising her arms for a hug. I rush over and embrace her. We all get off the bed we've been sitting on for a while and they begin to go down the stairs while I make my way in my bathroom. 

I lock the door and turn on the water. I strip myself down and enter the shower loving the way the hot water feels as it comes in contact with my skin. After I finish washing up I turn the water off and step out. I shutter as I step out feeling the cool air hit my warm wet skin. I grab my towel and wrap the towel around me and tuck it in. I rinse my hair in the sink twisting it until all the water is out. I just look at my reflection at the fogged up mirror as I replay the joyous words that Louis said to me early this morning

How could anyone ever forget 
that pretty face of yours

I reach out to grab my pajamas but there not there. 


I forgot to grab them when I dropped them in Anne's room. I can't text Gemma to get them since she's gone and I'm sure as hell not going to stay in here for an hour, plus I left it on my nightstand" I decide to peek my head out the door to see if Louis is in the room. Luckily he isn't.

I step out and walk into the hallway once again making sure the close is clear. I reach Anne's room and shut the door behind me. 

Safe. Or so I thought.

As I begin to put my pajamas on I realize that I didn't bring undies. I have to back to the room. 

In my towel.

I peek my head once again in the hallway and begin to close the door. 

"Hey" I then turn around and see Louis but I'm so caught off guard that I drop my clothes.

And my towel.

He turns he's head and apologizes as he rushes downstairs while I wrap the towel around me and pick my things up.

I run into my room shutting the door behind me. My mind is racing. I dropped my towel! He saw me naked! I feel so embarrassed. What do I do now? Do I still try and turn him on with my skimpy outfit even after he saw me naked on accident. 

I grab some panties and put on the wardrobe I picked. I wrap the robe around me as it drapes over my skin barely reaching halfway down my thigh. I love the way the smooth, soft silk feels on my skin. 

I grab my phone off my nightstand and lay down on my bed to hear a knock. 

"Can I come in?" I can tell its Louis by his voice and my hearts to beat harder against my chest and faster.

"Yea" here we go.

Louis' P.O.V

I just saw her naked I think as I rush down the steps. Although it was only for a few seconds it was heavenly. Her smooth perfectly curved body was breathtaking. I enter the living room and sit opposite Harry on the couch. 

"What happened?" He asks 

"Nothing just went to take a piss" he just nods and directs his attention back to the telly. 

I don't focus and my thoughts drift to Diana. Her big beautiful brown eyes, her perfectly curled brown hair, her..... 

I'm pulled from my thoughts as the doorbell rings.

"That must be the pizza!" Harry jumps up from the couch and grabs the money. 

"Here you go" as he hands the money to the man and grabs the boxes.

"Ey Lou, do mind my if you grab Diana?" 

"Ok" I nod and head upstairs. "Can I come in?" Wondering if she's getting dress.

"Yea" I turn the knob and open the door to reveal Diana looking as if she's just simply wearing a robe. God she's beautiful.

"What?" She asks me 

"What do you mean?" I question her

"You said something" realizing I said the words aloud. She gets up out of the bed and takes a step towards me a smile begins growing on her face.

"I j-just..." I begin to stutter

"Did you say I'm beautiful?" She begins to blush. 

"Ya," I rub the back of my neck and just look at her as her cheeks turn a light shade of pink. 

We hold each others gaze for which seems like forever. And at this moment it feels perfect. Next thing I know we begin to walk closer until are bodies are barely touching. I lean in for a kiss and she closes her eyes.

"HELLO!!!!! IS ANYONE HOME????? THE PIZZA IS GOING TO GET COLD!!" Harry screams. She moves away without looking at me and makes her way out of the room without a single word.


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