Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


13. Out With The Old

Harry's P.O.V

Get up. Niall get up. I just got Louis out of the picture but then here comes Niall. So much for not being a distraction Diana.

Oh to hell with it! It doesn't matter this is the last time Diana see the boys.

"Well it's getting pretty late....."

"Yeah, me mum is here, I believe" Liam says

"Me too." Zayn gesturing to the cars out front.

Diana finally gets of Niall and Niall gives her a hug goodbye and leaves. Louis says goodbye and Diana coldly rejects his hug. I kind of feel bad for the poor lad but he'll get over it. This is the last the will ever see if each other.

I just hope it stays that way.

Diana's P.O.V

*one week later*

I arrived at Perrie's large an beautiful estate last night at ten o'clock and I already miss my family. Our goodbyes were filled with tears. Even Harry shed some. I'm going to miss them. I told Anne I would try to go back as soon as possible but from the schedule from my boss,John Galliano, it doesn't look like anytime soon. 

On the other hand I was so glad to see Perrie again! We talked all night. She told me about how how she was doing and what was going on in Little Mix. I told her about the job I would be starting on tomorrow and how much I've missed her and the girls.

It's Monday and I'm exhausted. Perrie and I ended up going to bed at 2 in the morning, after talking and watching a movie.

My alarm goes off at 6am and I feel completely an utterly exhausted. I take a quick shower and blow dry and curl my hair. I put on some mascara, eyeliner, some foundation, blush, and a bit of lip gloss. I decide on wearing a black skirt that starts right above by hips and ends above my knees, a white lacey shirt, and a pink overcoat. ( <------- link to see outfit!

I say bye to Perrie and head to work. I'm greeted by a secretary, Cadence, she shows me to my office and gives my my first assignment. I thank her and begin to work. After 6 hours its time for my lunch break. Since I'm not much familiar with my new surroundings I decide on having lunch at cafe across the office building. 

I order tea and sandwich. I take my food to an empty table and begin to think of how everything is back home. I am pulled from my train of thought when a young man taps my shoulder.

"Yes?" I then around to face the young very attractive man.

"Is this seat taken?" He gestures to the chair across from me.


"May I?" I simply nod and he takes a seat. "So what's a lovely lady like you doing here all alone?" I giggle at his comment. Cheesy but cute.

"I just started working across the street and I was hungry"

"Is it your first time in London?"

"Well I went to college here but I didn't do much exploring while I stayed"

"Well maybe I could show around some time?" I blush. He's really asking me on a date. On my first official day in London.

"I'd love that" I simply reply handing him my number on a napkin and he gives me his.

"Thank you. By the way, the name is Charles"

"Diana" I simply reply. We talk for another 20 minutes then I have to go. I tell him that I'll text him when I'm available and he simply says 'ok'. 

I head back to the office and finish some more work that was assigned and head off back 'home'. When I get back Perrie isn't there so I simply head upstairs and take a shower and go to bed. 

Today was a really tiring day.

The months go by and by. I continued watch the X Factor to finally see that the boys made it to third place. My job pays well and I wanted to get my own place but Perrie insisted on me staying. So I did, Perrie was like a sister to me just like Gemma. 

I visited Homes Chapel a couple times but not much and when I went I didn't see Harry. We usually just called or texted. My days were pretty dull except when I'm with Perrie or my boyfriend, Charles. 

He made me so happy! He made me feel so loved and wanted. We started dating officially a month after the first time I met him. He was so sweet, loving, passionate, and caring. Not to mention but pretty good in bed. 

It's now December in 2011 and I am now 19 and Harry believe or not! Released and album with the lads! I was so proud of Harry. Who would jave thought my cousin would actually be in a famous boyband!

Now I'm just sitting here my head resting on Charles shoulder as we cuddle up on the couch of his apartment watching a movie. I feel my phone vibrate and pull it out if my butt pocket.

It's a text from Harry 

Can you do us a favor? Please?





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