Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


8. Is It Alright?

I pay immediately and head towards my car and take my phone and dial Harry's number.

"Diana! Where are you?" 

"I'm sorry Harry! Time just flew by I'm so....." 

"Its alright! I already got a ride and I'm on my way home" he cuts me off not even sounding the least bit upset or angry. Must be a good sign. He probably made it through! 

"Well..... Who his driving you home?" Wondering since Gemma and Anne couldn't possibly have picked him up.

"Just a lad from my new band" 

"New band?"

"Yeah, if you would've picked up the first time I called you to tell you, you've would know but you didn't so you don't"

"Ok I get I'm sorry! How far are you from home now?"

"About ten minutes"

"Ok I'll seen you there" 

"Ok, but I was going to ask you something really quick!" 

"Ok what is it?"

"Do you still have two beds in your room?"

"Yeah, why?" The other bed in my room was my sister India's but she moved to America since she got a college scholarship.

"Well my lad here might have to stay the night. Since he lives up in Doncaster, and its already pretty late.... So I was wondering if he could sta-" I cut him off

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa. You don't even know the guy and more importantly I don't know the guy!"

I can't imagine having a stranger sleeping in my room. A stranger sleeping in my sister's bed! Harry seriously is off his rocker. I can't believe he is actually asking this? I don't know what this guy might be capable of! Or maybe I'm over reacting? I don't know I just don't like the feeling of having a random person sleep in my room.

"What are you talking about I know the lad! It's Louis!" 


"You know Lou."

"You mean the guy you met in the bathroom is in your band?"

"Ya! Great huh?!"


"Oh come on he's a really great lad! Funny too!"

Maybe I should listen to Harry for once, I mean I guess I'm going to be seeing a lot of this lad around anyway. He is in a band with Harry. 

I let out a sigh and reply "I guess...... But no funny business! You know what I mean."

"Okay then Virgin Mary!"

"HARRY! I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO KILL YOU! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" I can hear both of them laughing through the phone like maniacs. 

I despise it when Harry talks about that like really how does he even know that stuff? I mean about my virginity. Like I don't tell him and Gemma and I never talked about stuff like that. Oh my god like really Harry you had to talk about that! Especially in front of your new band mate who going to sleep in my room and who I'm probably going to see a lot of now that there in a band together. How more awkward can things get? Oh wait they can't.

Harry and his new "pal" start to calm down. Harry finally speaks. "My battery is going to die. We're about to get to the house so see you soon, love"

"Whatever, fuckin cunt!"

"Bye and don't get your nickers in a twist!" 

"UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!" I scream and end the call.

After another hour of driving I finally reach home. I am some what relieved to be back yet annoyed due to the unexpected house guest who Harry humiliated me in front already.

I grab my purse then open the trunk and pull out the two shopping bags and walk up the steps to the front door. I grab my keys to open the door and I step into my warm and cozy home. 

"I'm home...." I begin to say but stop dead in my tracks to see......


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