Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


19. I'm Not Hungry

Once we arrive at the banquet, we are greeted once again by the paps. They crowd us, like a group of wild animals. The camera lights are flashing and I can't even see where the hell I'm going, I'm being blinded by the stupid paps. Security does a good job holding them off, for the most part. Harry places a hand on my shoulder and guides me through the large crowd. 

We are then taken inside and are seated at a beautifully set table.In the center is a vase filled with at least three dozen red roses. "There beautiful" and I can see Perrie nod in agreement. Once were seated we all order and I order a salad, with dressing on the side. Since I'm not entirely in the mood to eat anything I get something light. Luckily, I'm seated next to Perrie, so I least have someone to talk to during this dinner. Unfortunately, across from me is seated the woman, I only met a few hours ago. The woman whose name I don't even know. The woman, that in the past few hours I have come loathe her, envy her, and really, really, really have gotten annoyed by. I was literally going to pull my hair out when she wouln't stop laughing.

She sounded like a hyena on crack.

I probably sound like a totally bitch right now, but I don't care. I got Louis first, fair and square. God. I sound like a fucking five year old. And technically I never had Louis but, I could've. If I hadn't spent an entire month crying over that stupid, lying, cheating little cunt that is named, Charles Hughes. I don't even know why I liked him in the first place. 

I shouldn't have cried over him.It's not like he was that special. Yes, I did share intimate moments with him but, I never had sex with him. I believe in no sex before marriage. I'm traditional... NO, I'm NOT! If Louis wanted to go down, right here, right now on this table, I would. Yeah...... probably not that be really.... um..awkward.

I knew I liked him but I never thought I'd be the jealous type. Clearly I am. I just don't like the way the brunette with shit brown hair, that's seated across from me looks at him. She looks... eager, a little too eager. And it makes me sick to my stomach. The thought of her and my Lou- wow, I am more possessive than I thought.

I just can't wait until this is over... How long have we've been here already? It feels like forever. The waiters finally brings over our plates and I'm glad that this night is already half done with. I search next to my plate for my dressing but can't seem to inquire it. I then look over to her small, stick shaped figure, who even the is most likely a size negative 4, still orders a salad.

My dressing is next to her plate. 

I don't want to ask yet, I don't want to eat a bland salad, and if I don't eat then I'll be starving. How do I even call for her? I don't know her name! I'll just message Perrie and I know she'll answer. Perrie never misses a call and immediately replies a text. Ever. I grab my phone and text her under the table.  

'What's Louis' girlfriend's name?" It pains me to even type that, but I see a shift in Perrie's movement and I feel my phone vibrate,

'Are you kidding me right now? I know your upset, but really? You can't bother to at least learn her name? It's Elizabeth. I hope you remember, I think we'll be hearing a lot of it ;)' Did I mention she types extremely fast?And.... grrrrrrr! She did that on purpose. Oh, Perrie.

'Thank you and don't,'  sent

'XD' Instantly replied

Here we go

"Um.. Elizabeth may you please pass me the dressing?"

"Oh! Yes," She grabs the small container and she manages not to hit the beautiful vase filled with beautiful flowers but, she does manage to spill the all of the dressing on me. Whoop- dee- doo. I gasp and I'm quickly out of my chair and my napkin in hand, trying to take it off.

"I'm so sorry!" I really want rip her head off now. But, I don't I just simply say,

"I'm going to the restroom" I don't even have to ask but Perrie is following close behind and as I make a beeline for the restroom. Elizabeth follows as well.

"I'm incredibly sorry! I wasn't able to reach you!"

"It's okay.." No, not really. Perrie is squatting down, wiping my dress with a soapy towel, and it doesn't look like its working out so well.

"I'm going to get some moist towelettes" Perrie gets up and starts to walk out.

"I'll pay for the dry cleaning!" Really? This dress looks that expansive? It only cost 35 pounds. I must look really good. I look back down at my dress and the stain looks pretty bad. I tilt my head back up and next thing I know, Elizabeth has me pinned against the wall. Her forearem is presses against my throat make it hard for me to speak. She might me small but she is strong.

Elizabeth's P.O.V

Dry cleaning? HA! Who am I fooling? That dress isn't even made of silk! I must admit though she does have a gorgeous body and she has had glances thrown at her all night and she doesn't even notice. Even my Louis, had a glance. Not for long, it was quickly directed to me. That's not the only thing I notice. I saw her sneaking glances at him as well. Does she think I'm stupid?

I know exactly what she wants but, I have it and she doesn't. I always notice that the blonde leprechaun sneaking glances as well. Well, I wouldn't call it sneaking. He seemed very infatuated by her. Don't know why though? 

Once Perrie is gone I shove Diana towards the wall, pinning her. 

"Listen hear, I know you like Louis. Its extremely obvious. I just want you to know. I know things about you, and I know exactly what to say that can break you. Unless you want to go through that another month, I suggest you don't be such a terrible flirt around my boyfriend! Got it?" She nods slightly. " Great. Now just don't tell anyone about our small gathering here" 

I release my grip and a gasp escapes her lips. She gasping for air like she has been underwater for an hour. I was holding her for only a minute. 

"Your a virgin" I say

"Wh-" she can't even catch her breath. She clearly has never had sex if she runs out of breath that quickly. 

Perrie then enters the room and helps Diana, who is breathing normally again. If you ask me it would be better if she stopped. We exit the restroom without another word and return to everyone. It's quiet at the table and all eyes are on Diana and her wet dress. Perrie did a horrible job trying to clean that dress. Louis the first to break the silence.

"Diana, it looked like you pissed yourself" 

"Well Lou, if you actually paid attention back in class, you would know that are bodies are different" she speaks to him as his a stupid little boy. Which he is. There could be only one thing he's good for, and I plan on having lots of it before management changes their minds about me. He just smiles at her comment and her cheeks flush. Did she really not understand when I said to stop with her meaningless flirting? Well, I bet I can fix that.

Once we take our seats again. Liam begins to ask me questions about my favorite topic, ME! But, I am going to turn this all on her.

"So, Elizabeth tell us a bit about yourself,"

"Well I'm from London, my father always wanted me to follow in his footsteps.."

"What would that be?"

"He was a general in the navy, you can see how that worked out. Let's see.... I have an sister named Sara, and a brother named Charles. I 'll actually be leaving in a week to help prepare for his wedding!"

"How exciting! I LOVE weddings!" Perrie squeals in delight and I can see Dianabecoming more intrigue with my story, and she finally speaks up."

"What's your last name Elizabeth?" The exact question I was hoping she would ask and now I can truthfully answer with,



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