Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


10. I Don't Want To Go

Diana's P.O.V

He walks in looking very uncomfortable and nervous. I can't blame the poor lad. I probably be the same way if it the situation was the other way around. I look up from the floor and shift my eyes to his. I can feel them raking up and down my body. This is just the reaction I wanted. 

"God she's beautiful." I can here him say it under is breath while he continues to eye my body.

"What?" I ask him. Putting him on the spot.

"What do you mean?" 

"You said something" I get up off the bed and move closer to him.

"I j-just..." he stutters

"Did you say I'm beautiful?"

"Ya," I can feel myself begin to blush. 

We stare at each other and I love it. He leans in and so do I. I close my eyes taking in everything that happened and is about to. 

My eyes pop open when I hear Harry scream "HELLO!!!!! IS ANYONE HOME????? THE PIZZA IS GOING TO GET COLD!!" 

I look away from Louis feeling embarrassed and rush out of the room without a single word. I feel bad for not saying anything and rushing out but I didn't know what to do. 

Harry ruined it. 

"Hey" Harry greets me when I enter the kitchen but ignore him. Blaming him for the guilt I have now. I should've just crashed my lips into his and it would've been perfect.

Louis enters shortly after me and I can see the look of disappointment in he's eyes. I look away and begin to eat my pizza. I finish my two slices and head up stairs. I lie in bed thinking about what will happen to Louis and I. I hear him walk in and watch as he makes his way to "his" bed. 

I immediately shut my eyes but leave them slightly open but not enough for him to notice, only enough so I can peek through. He closes the door and shit.......

He takes he's shirt of revealing his perfectly toned and tanned skin. Then he removes he's pants and shoes.

I can't take it anymore I get and wrap my arms his neck "Diana wha-" I crash my lips on his and our lips begin to move in sync. He bites my lip asking for entrance and I gladly let him in. I let his tongue explore my mouth and its wonderful. He grabs me by the thighs and I jump wrapping my legs around his waist, never breaking our kiss. He rubs his hands over my thighs and slowly moves them to me bum. I smile and he moves to the bed with me on the bottom and him hovering above me planting kisses along my jawline and neck, leaving love bites.....this is perfect.

I am pulled from my fantasy when Louis turns the lights off. I completely shut my eyes and let my thoughts wonder. As I slowly drift off to sleep.

*next morning 

"Good morning" I am greeted by Harry as I enter the kitchen. 

"Hi." Still irritated about what he did last night to ruin that oh so perfect moment with Louis and I.

"Well someone is in a grumpy mood today!" I just reply with an annoyed groan.

"So how's the job hunting going?"

"Bad except the offer from John Galliano"

"You said that's your instructor, right?"

"Yeah, it has all the qualities I'm looking for and pays extremely well......."


"It's just so far, I've already been gone for three years and I don't want to-" I'm cut off by Harry.

"Diana, look at me" I lift my head from the table and direct my attention towards Harry.

"If its really something you want to do then do it!"

"Are you sure Harry?" 


"I'll call Galliano, then" I got up from the table and grabbed my phone and called Galliano. He told me he was glad to have me on board and that I start in a week.

I set my phone on the table and sigh as I take a seat.

"Sooooooo......." Harry is so annoying, but I love him and how much he cares about. Harry was always there when I was blue and was like a brother to me. I wouldn't ask for anyone else.

"I got the job." I faked a smile, I'm sad that I'd be leaving in a week.

"That's great!!!" Harry grabs me and hugs me tightly spins me around. I start to laugh.

"What's so funny" he sets me down again. 

"Nothing you were just tickling me"

"No I wasn't!" Looking confused

"When you hugged me and spun me, your hair curls were tickling my neck!" He just rolls he's eyes and starts to makes some pancakes.

"Hey Harry?"

"Yes love?"

"If I tell you something will you promise not to act like a lunatic"

"Depends on what it is 

"No, but seriously Harry"

"Of course you can Diana, you can trust me" he gives a sincere smile and that's when I just blurt it out

"I like Louis!" 

"Really? You don't even know him?"

"Well he captivated me!"

"Well I guess that's cool but, it's to bad your moving" he makes it obvious that he doesn't mean those words and with that I roll my eyes and take a seat.

"Good morning" Louis says as he enters the kitchen, with a raspy sexy morning voice. God this boy makes me melt. But I have to forget about him, I'm moving and gonna start my career somewhere else. Who knows when I'll see him again.

"Hi" I send him a smile and a wave 

"Hello" i look at Harry, he's sending me a smirk and I roll my eyes then my jaw drops at what he's doing next.

Really Harry? Way to make it not obvious.

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