Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


6. Hello Again

Chapter 6

*three weeks later*

"Well Harry this is it!" I say to him as we pull up to a large building's parking lot. This time I'm the only one with Harry since Gemma stayed behind with her mum who was coming down with a cold.

"Yup" sounding less confident than he did just three weeks ago. What is it with this boy and he's constant mood swings? 

"Harry calm down you'll do find just tell me when to pick you up and call me immediately when you get your final results." 

"Ok. I will. Bye"

"Love you! Good luck!" I tell him as he gets out and shuts the door be him.

"Love you too!" He waves and I return it with a smile. I hope he does well he has worked his arse off and I know he'll do great. I just hope the judges agree.

As soon as Harry walks off I begin to pull out of the parking lot. I begin to drive out but soon quickly slamming the brakes as i see someone walking the crosswalk. i didn't even see the poor lad since I was in deep thought. I then look up to see a familiar face. As I take a closer look at the man who I nearly just ran over I realize it was same dashing young man who came out if the bathroom the day of Harry's audition. He seems to have recognized me despite me almost trying to run him over. He just seems to smile but then walks towards my car window.

Oh shit. I think I'm going to piss myself.

"Hello love! Do have something against me or something?" He say while releasing and adorable laugh. He's voice is so smooth and sweet and to me very angelic.

"No sorry I just wasn't paying any attention" I say trying so hard not to stare at his beautiful face for to long.

"Are you sure? Cause lasts time we talked you yelled at me like a maniac just because I had to take a piss!" 

"What do you mean last time?" I ask making sure that he did in fact remembered me.

"Oh don't be silly! I know that was you! How could anyone ever forget that pretty face of yours!" He replies sending me a dashing smile. I feel the heat moving to my cheeks and can sense my cheeks are turning a deep shade if pink.

"You're right! I was making sure you did in fact knew it was me."

"How could I forget?" Sending once again another dashing smile showing of his beautiful pearly whites. We hold each others gaze and I can't help but melt as I look into his beautiful sea-green eyes and how they sparkle in the sunlight. I can still feel myself blushing as a smile grows on my face. 

A car behind us honking breaks our gaze and the driver screaming at me to move it. I turn my head away from him and then back. 

"I should get going." My voice cracking at the end of my sentence. He just lets out a laugh. 

"Yeah, um I should too." He begins to walk away but not before I wish him luck and he smiles back and mouths the works 'thanks'

Well I feel my stomach full with butterflies. I can't help it even though I've only talk to him twice, yet I still don't know his name? How could a person I know nothing about make me feel this way? Make its smoothness in his voice or the way he smiles or is it those sparkling green eyes that make my knees go weak and make me melt inside.

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