Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


1. Coming Home


Diana's POV

I'm so proud of myself. I finally did it! I finally graduated from The School of Fashion and Design London! I worked my ass off for 4 years and I was finally done and had a bachelors degrees in fashion and design. I was only 19 and i cant believe i actually made it, including the fact that i entered the school when I was 15. My life is great even though i didnt have my own place since i lived in a dorm. I didn't have a place to go but back with my Aunt,  who has raised me since i was 10 due to the death of my parents in a plane crash. 

But... Im so glad! Now Im on my way home. heading back to Holmes Chapel to move back with my auntie Anne and my two cousins, Harry and Gemma. 

I had called my Anne a week before to tell her I was coming back and she said that she was so happy that I was coming back and she was proud of me as well. 

I finally pull into the driveway, and its 2:00. I dont hesitate to get out i dont even think about getting my luggage. I'm to excited to go see my family. I open my car door and slammed it shut. I run to the front door, and knock. In one second its opened my favorite cousin. 

"Gemma!" I squeal. 

"DIANA!!!!!" She shouts and pulls me into a long embrace.

"I've missed you sooo much!" 

"I miss you too, Gem!" 

"I've seriously needed you!" Releasing her arms and looking me in the eye with a serious expression.You left me here to deal with Harry!!!" It seriously looks like she is going to cry. And that's when I start she isnt joking and i start to laugh and laugh and laugh. 

"Are you serious Gemma! HAHAHA!" 

"It's not funny Diana! You know how hard it is to live with a brother like Harry!" I just continue to laugh.

When I finally calm down I ask "Speaking of Harry. Where is that little bitch anyway?" Still trying to contain my laughter from what Gemma just told me. 

"He's upstairs,I'll call him." She cleared her throat and at the top of her lungs yelled "HARRY!" 

"Ow!" I stat rubbing my ears. "Not so loud"

"Sorry" she replies with a chuckle. 

"What's all this racket?!" A familiar voice I know to well speaks 

"ANNE!!!" I rub to my aunt give her a long embrace 

"DIANA!" She speaks with her gently voice that I always love to hear. 

"I thought you weren't supposed to come till tomorrow?" 

"I know but I wanted to surprise you" 

"We'll this as a great surprise" she says looking into my eyes and pulling me in for another hug. 

"I really missed you " 

"I missed you too darling, you don't know how hard it has been to deal with two brats who constantly fight!" 

"Heeeeyyyy!" I heard Gemma say. 

"Well it's true every second your 
always fighting with Harry!" She snaps back. I just chuckle at the two. 

"Have you said hello to Harry yet darling?" Anne questioning while she pulls away from our long embrace. I just shake my head. "Well let me call him, he's just probably in his room practicing." 

"For what?" I looked at my aunt with a confused expression on my face. 

"Oh! He hasn't told you yet!" I shake my head again. "Well I'll just let him tell you". Anne grabs my hand and starts up the stairs to Harry's room with Gemma following behind. Once we're standing outside Harry's door to my surprise I hear someone singing. I turn my head to look at Anne with a confused expression on my face and and she tilts her head to the door gesturing me to knock. 

I nod and knock. No reply. I knock again and yell harry. No reply. I finally kick the door with my food as hard as I can screaming at the top of my lungs "HARRY! OPEN THIS GOD DAMN FUCKING DOOR BEFORE I KNEE YOU IN THE FUCKING BALLS!!!" Anne gives me a terrified expression and Gemma is laughing her ass off. I apologize to Anne and she lets out a small chuckle before the door is open to reveal my annoying cousin. Harry. 

"WHAT THE HELL! What was that about you nearly broke my damn door!!" 

"You wouldn't open the door!!" I snap. 

"Diana?" He finally directs his attention to me and not his door. 

"Harry?" I mimic him. 

"I thought you weren't coming till tomorrow?"

"I wanted to surprise your mum and I really wanted to see my favorite cousin!" I say lifting my arms to him. He does the same and then I quickly turn my body pulling Gemma in for a hug.

"Well then!!!" Harry says while crossing his arms over his chest. 

"I'm just messing with you" releasing my grip on Gemma and rush into Harry's arms. "I missed you a lot" I say to him. 

Returning the hug he says "whatever" and by not even looking I'm pretty sure he's rolling is eyes. 

"Whatever??" I pull out of the embrace "Well fuck you too!" Releasing a small chuckle.

"I just messing with you Diana!" He says with a smile and I just roll my eyes returning his smile. 

"Well then..." Anne breaks the awkward silence "I'm going to go make us some lunch!" Giving Gemma, Harry, and I a smile leaving us in the hallway in front of Harry's room.

"Well I'm going to go grab my things out if the car. Would you care to join?" i ask hoping they'll help get all the shit I have in my car.

"We'll go" Gemma replies for herself and harry. 

"No, I have to practice Gem.." Harry snaps. 

"Harry you've been practicing forever! We're just going to help Diana get her stuff. Then you can return to practicing." Harry releases a deep breath and says "fine".

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