Diana's life was never easy to begin with ever since her parents died when she was ten. Moving in with her aunt and two cousins in Homes Chapel then heading for college at age fifteen. When she returns her entire life is changed when her cousin, Harry, is put in a band. She meets four boys, two of which will turn her life into a dream and a living hell.


16. A Favor

Diana's P.O.V

"I got the bottle!" Louis sets the bottle in the middle of the circle we just formed. 

"I'll spin!" Harry cries as he spins the bottle which lands on Me. Great.

"Truth or dare?"

"Ummm.... Truth"

"Lets see.... What don't I already now about you?"

"I know!" Perrie say ."Diana! Which of this boys would you go out with?"

That's what she wants to know. Really? 

"Ummm.... I have a boyfriend though"

"I know but if you didn't"

"Ummmm..... Louis? I guess."

It's not a guess its the truth. If I wasn't with Charles I'd want be with him. I'm going out with Charles now and I kinda want to be with him. Which isn't good. I just need to spend some time with Charles. Once I do Louis will be swiped out of my head.

I look at Louis who just smiles and sends me a wink. This boy sure is going to make it hard though.

Harry sound the bottle again and it lands in himself. 

"Truth or Dare?" I ask my cousin


"Really? Fine. Let me think a moment.... I got it! Something I've wanted to know in a overly protective cousin way. Harry have you had sex yet?"

He just laughs and turns he's head to me and nods.

"Oh god Harry!! Your disgusting!"

"He's how you can say a real flirt with the ladies" Liam tells me.

After truth or dare Perrie and I head over to our room. Once we get there immediately go to bed. After constant interrogation by Perrie every time I chose truth. 

Perrie's P.O.V

I find out exactly everything I needed tonight. Diana obviously like Louis a lit even though she is in a relationship. I'm not going to judge get because of it though. She is my best friend and I know that she says she loves Charles but it was the way she seemed so happy around those boys proved that she feels something for him.

The next morning Diana and I head out for some shopping! We walk around carrying bags and make small talk.

"Diana do you love Charles?"

"How many times have u told you that I love Charles?"

"Plenty. I just don't think you mean it."


"You don't seem to miss him at all and I see the way you act around Louis."

"It's nothing like that Perrie. I do miss him a lot but I can't go and visit him. As much as I want to I can't." 

"Okay.." I'm not convinced but I don't want to go more into the topic.

"What time are you leaving again?"

"I have to be back by 5 so I should be leaving in an hour or so.." I let out a sigh 

"We better get going then" 

Diana's P.O.V

Perrie and I drive back to the hotel and she grabs her bags and takes them to the cab. 

"I'm going to miss you Perrie." I say while giving her a long embrace before she has to go and I won't be able to see her until the end if the tour. 

"You too" she says into my neck. We pull out of our hug and Perrie begins to make her way into the cab. 

But before she closes the door we are both startled by someone running outdid tell stop!

I recognize that Bradford accent from anywhere. He walks over to Perrie and says a few goodbyes and how it was great to meet get and they exchange numbers. They hug and he walks back and I just smile at her and wave as the cab pulls out of the lot.

*months later* 

The past few months have been an amazing experience and so much fun. I have to admit though that it was nice to have Harry around. I miss Charles a lot. 

I've seen him in the past couple months like when we had breaks from tour I would call the moment I found out I was going back. It was so nice to see him, we went out and I had a great time with him. 

I'm not the only one with a live life now though! Perrie and Zayn together! It's so adorable to see those two together. I remember the first time we went back Zayn was so glad so see Perrie. He grabbed her and spun her around and everything it had looked like it came out of a movie.

The guys have finished there first tour and we will be staying in the states for another month. The boys have been nominated for an award so in the mean time they will be doing talk shows and interviews. 

I'm so glad that Perrie will be ting out to join us. The lads and I are on our way right now to pick Perrie from the airport and I can't wait to see her.

I just hope she was able to get the shoes I asked her to get me. 

Perrie's P.O.V

*day before*

I feel a vibration coming from my pocket and I pull out my phone to see Diana's name in the screen. I pick up.


"Hi Perrie!" 

"How's it goin-"

"IS THAT MY LOVE?!?!" I can hear Zayn in the background screaming. I just laugh and so does Diana. She responds to him telling him it is in fact me and he says hello.

"I wanted to ask a quick favor Perrie."

"Sure anything! What is it?"

"Well earlier today I was looking through my wardrobe looking for the matching shoes to my dress for the award show and banquet. I looked everywhere and I know I wiped your place clean. I just wanted you to go to Charles' apartment and see if its there."

"Why can't you by another pair?"

"These shoes were very expensive and I wanted to wear them."

"Okay I'll go now so I can pack them up with my belongings."

"Thank you!! You're a life saver! If he isn't home then there's a key under the mat."

"Okay! Bye love"

"Bye Perrie!"

I grab my keys and drive to Charles' home. I knock and no one comes so I grab the key under the mat and enter the house. It's really musty and hot in there. I explore the living room and hallway closets. 

I then see them in the laundry room and grab the pair of black stilettos.

I want to double check if Charles is here so I can let him know I was here. I look around and finally reach what I think is the bedroom.

I open the door and I see something I never thought I'd see.




A/N: Sorry for the short and boring chapter. Don't worry though I will be updating later today or tomorrow. I can definitely can guarantee an update on Monday though. Thank you sim much for reading my story and make sure to comment and vote!!!

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