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Kim is sweet, simple, and way too sarcastic. She doesn't like to let people down, and she's always someone that you can count on. Justin is a badass, but has a heart when it comes to the ones he loves, yet he has no interest in falling in love. What happens when you put the cocky badass and the queen of sarcasm togethor? A hilarious ride of arguments, fights, sexual tension, etc.


3. Chapter 3: Night Tweety

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I went back inside and Justin was sitting on the sofa with Sarah on his lap.

"Yeah? I am going to hit your brother. Don't worry, I'll go with you." He said smiling at her. She beamed and hugged him.

"Thank you Justy. You are the best!" She replied, jumping in his lap, and smiling widely. He smiled back and looked up towards me.

"Who is she Sarah?" Justin asked while pointing towards me. She looked up and realized I was there too.

"Oh! That's Kimmy! She's my neighbor and my best fwend!" Sarah said leaning up on Justin's chest. I smiled because Sarah was the only one aloud to call me Kimmy, and aww she called me her bestie. Too cute this kid.

"Oh. Nice name Kimmy." Justin said smirking at me. Idiot.

"It's Kim." I said glaring at him and crossing my arms.

"I'm not dumb." He said flatly. As if.

I ignored him and looked at Sarah.

"Come on Sar, its bed time." I said and walked towards her to take her to bed. She held on to Justin's shirt and pouted. "No Kimmy pleeeeease. I don't want to sleep now."

Oh god, I hated it when she pouted like this, it was emotional blackmail.

"Alright, but only half an hour more and then you are going to bed." I said in a stern voice. She smiled and nodded.

"Hi5 kiddo. The babysitter is gullible." Justin said and winked at me. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Kimmy can I have some water?" Sarah asked. I nodded and went to the kitchen. As I was pouring water in the glass, the bottle misbalanced and the water spilt on the floor. Oh god.

I went to give Sarah the water, planning to go clean the mess I had just made up.

Justin got up and walked towards the kitchen. After Sarah finished the glass of water, I walked back to the kitchen to clean the mess. Just as I entered the kitchen, Justin grabbed the bottle. Just when I was about to warn him about the wet floor, he slipped and fell right on his ass.


As much as I tried to control myself, I could no longer hold it in and busted out laughing. Usually in such a situation, I would run up to the person and make sure that they were okay. However seeing the look on jerk face's face was just too priceless, I couldn't help but laugh. He looked up.

"Care to explain what there is to laugh about?" He asked glaring at me. Your monkey face….

I shook my head, trying to get my laughter under control. "Nothing…are-are you okay?" I asked. He got up with the help of the counter top and rubbed his butt.

"I'm fine." He said harshly and went back to the living room. As I watched him pass by me I tried to distort my face so that the huge smile wiped off, but it was a sad attempt. Once his back was facing me I silently giggled and cleaned the floor up.

I went back to the living and sat next to Sarah, who was busy watching cartoon network. After a few minutes, Justin got up and went to the kitchen. He was back with a coke in his hand.

"Shit." Sarah and I turned to look at Justin and I kept a hand on my mouth to keep myself from laughing. The coke Jack had opened had spilled all over his shirt. Bad boy, bad day.

"You said a bad word Justy." Sarah said while making an O with her mouth. He looked at her.

"Uh sorry Sarah." He said and looked back at his shirt. He got up, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Instantly, I turned to look back at the TV Not able to concentrate, I stole a glance at him. He had a nice and defined chest with broad shoulders. There were a few scars on his chest, maybe from the fights, my eyes moved from his chest to his stomach and I gasped. Hearing my gasp he looked at me and cleared his throat.

I looked up at him.

"You are gawking." He said with a smirk.

"w-what happened to you?" I asked pointing towards the gash on his stomach.

Just looking at it, I could tell it was deep. Very deep. He looked down and tensed up.

"Nothing." He said and turned around. The gash was recent, like he got it maybe yesterday or today...Had those fights with the jocks caused that? I don't think so. The fights were never that serious, and the way he tensed up I know there is more to it, but I let it drop. Why would he want to tell me?

Exactly! Now stop sweating about it. Doesn't he look badass with those scars? I sighed.

"Alright Sarah, bed time and no pouting this time." I said sternly, and picked her up. This time she didn't refuse, I think it was because she was tired.

"Night Justy." She said smiling at Justin tiredly. He came towards us and kissed her forehead.

"Night Sarah. I'll see you later." He said and smiled at her, ruffling her hair. She smiled back and I took her upstairs to her room. I changed her clothes and tucked her inside the bed. After a few minutes I could hear her deep breathing, telling me she was asleep.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room, eating chips and watching the most boring program ever. WWE. How can you freaking watch that? I mean yeah, I kind of like fights, but not the ones that make you bleed the hell out of yourself.

"Can we watch something else?" I asked Justin who was sitting on the other couch, watching the fight intently. He looked at me and shook his head.


I sighed. I waited for a few minutes, trying to find some type of remote interest in the damn show…nada.


"Can we watch something else?" I asked again. He turned towards me.

"Didn't I just say no?" He said giving me an 'Are-you-stupid-look?'

"Can we watch something else?" I said once again. He looked at me annoyed; an understanding look came across his face. He finally got that I was trying to annoy him into changing the channel.

"Alright, what's the magic word Kim?" He said smirking. Oh the magic word is jerk!

I sighed.

"Can we please watch something else?" emphasizing the please.

He smirked.


I glared at him. Annoy the fuck outta him Kim.


No reaction.

"Pretty please?"

No reaction.

"Justin please?"

No reaction.


No reaction.

Alright you asked for it ass.

I took a deep breath "Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin!"

"WHAT?!" he looked super annoyed and pissed.

Mission accomplished.

I gave him a sweet smile. "Can we please watch something else?" I once again asked hopefully this would be the last time. He sighed and face palmed.

"Fine." With that he tossed me the remote. I smiled in victory.

Flipped through the channels, but couldn't find anything good.

Change, nah. Change, nah. Change nah. Change no way. Change, eww yuck!

"Will you stop?" Justin spoke up irritated.

"What?" I asked innocently. He glared.

"Either you settle on some channel or give the remote back." I shrugged, and continued to change the channel, until I settled on the one I was looking for. Cartoon network.

"Oh my god, Tom and Jerry movie?!" I said with wide eyes, this absolutely made my day!

I heard Justin let out a huge sigh.

"Oh no!" Justin and I had yelled out in unison.

"See I told you, he is going to get caught. Stupid Jerry!" Justin said annoyed.

Yeah, after a few minutes of the "I am a tough guy and I don't watch girly things like cartoons." Act Justin was back on track and was watching cartoons with more concentration than before when he was watching WWE.

"Don't call Jerry stupid. He's the best. He always wins in the end." I told him crossing my arms.

"Is that why he is your crush? Because he wins in the end?" Justin asked raising an eyebrow.

"What? No! He's my crush because he is intelligent, smart, and cute, lovely, an-"

"I get it, I get it." He said.

"Yeah so who's your favorite cartoon character?"

He hesitated "No one."

"Oh come on, there has to be one." I insisted.

"Alright but you are not allowed to tell anyone." He said warningly.

"I promise." I said nodding once.

"Well mickey mouse and tweety." He said, bashful.

I burst out laughing. "Oh my god. Jack Bieber the badass likes tweety bird?!" I continued to laugh as I ignored his glare.

"If you tell anybody-"

I cut him off.

"They'll die laughing?" I laughed as he glared harder.

"Looks don't kill Justy." I said and laughed louder at the way he was glaring at me.

The front door opened.

We looked up to see Eddie enter, a small smile playing on his lips. He was in a daze. I could tell instantly. Justin got up and stood like nothing ever happened. I raised an eyebrow. Yeah what a tough guy.

"Hey man." Justin said as he walked towards Eddie.

"Yo Justin." Eddie replied. They did whatever guys usually do when they greet each other; I like to call it the man shake. (LOL)

I stood next to Justin, facing Eddie.

"Hey Ed how was the date?" I asked already knowing the answer, the smile on his face was a dead giveaway.

"It was great." He said smiling widely.

Justin clicked his tongue.

"Whipped." He said shaking his head in disapproval. Ignoring him I gave a smile towards Eddie.

"Okay well I'm leaving now, Sarah is sleeping safe and sound in her room." I said and walked towards the door.

"Night Kim, and thanks again." Eddie said from behind me. I turned around.

"Sure no problem. Anytime." I smiled.

"Night Jerry!" Justin said smirking at me while Eddie looked confused.

I smiled.

"Night Tweety." I said with a wink and left the house before Justin could strangle me.



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