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Kim is sweet, simple, and way too sarcastic. She doesn't like to let people down, and she's always someone that you can count on. Justin is a badass, but has a heart when it comes to the ones he loves, yet he has no interest in falling in love. What happens when you put the cocky badass and the queen of sarcasm togethor? A hilarious ride of arguments, fights, sexual tension, etc.


2. Chapter 2: introducing Justin Bieber

Sense I'm so excited about the story I've decided to post two chapters today. Hope you like them kiddies.


I am part of the 'it' crowd in school and a cheerleader.

Gee, no. Just kidding.

I am nowhere near an 'It' crowd material, neither do I want to be. Well, no offence cheerleaders, it's just that I suck at dancing and also at speaking in that squeaky voice. Not my thing. The jocks and the cheerleaders never bother me. The reason is because I help everyone, in everything, helping with their homework, getting girlfriends or boyfriends and any kind of help they ever need.

"Hey Kim." Somebody said from behind me. I turned around to see Eddie standing with a hopeful look on his face. Eddie was a part of the famous crowd, but he was better than the others. He would never bother anyone without any reason; he was calm and a lot less cocky than other jocks.

"Hi Eddie. How are you? "I asked, shutting my locker.

"I'm good. Um Kim, I need your help." He said.

Oh, I just thought you came to play ring around the rosies with me.

He looked worried

"What is it?" I asked.

"Actually, I had to go on a date with Sophie and today morning my parents told me that they have to go somewhere and I have to stay home with my sister. But I really don't want to cancel on Sophie, so I was wondering if you could babysit for me?" He asked nervously.

Eddie just so happened to be my neighbor, an annoying one sometimes at that. He would host parties when his parents were out of town, which was a lot, and those parties would end at like six in the morning. Loud music, drunken teens, and air that smelled like puke and alcohol, was a perfect environment for a goodnight's sleep.

When I didn't respond, he pleaded again. "Please Kim; I'll do whatever you want. Anything. Please?"

I thought for a moment, I didn't have anything to do today. "Alright, I will." I said and smiled when his eyes brightened.

"You are awesome." He said beaming at me. No I am Kim.

"What time should I come?" I asked him.

"Seven thirty? I won't be gone for too long. Thanks." He said and ran off to his group.

I noticed I had taken out the wrong book from my locker. I opened it again and collected the correct book, then walked to my first class.

"Have you been crying?" I looked up see Jerry, by study buddy (haha I told you their characters are different in this story) looking at me with dubious eyes. I realized my eyes were still a little swollen from all the crying last night.

"Yes. I just got to know that I am pregnant with your baby and just the thought of my babies having your looks, made me cry." I said making a sad face. I wasn't going to tell him the truth, I didn't feel like sharing the incident with anyone.

"The sarcasm is not appreciated." Jerry said and glared at me, as we entered the class. I ignored him and asked "Did you see Gracie today?"

Grace was my other best friend. Jerry and I were friends since we were in diapers, whereas I met Grace 2 years ago in school, when I had saved her from getting in trouble for beating up a guy.

"Nope. She must be kicking ass somewhere." He said and we focused on class as the teacher started teaching.

Jerry was kind of popular, he was liked by everyone and he knew post of the people in our year. I'm guessing because of his dancing, the boy has got mad skills. He spent as much time with us as he did with his other friends. But his real dorky self only came out in front of us. In reality Jerry was a whiney and jumpy kid, and also a big goofball. I love him to death. Grace on the other hand hates the 'It' crowd. In fact she hates everyone aside from me and Jerry. She's the hottest girl in school, but nobody dares approaches her. Her glares are enough to send somebody running in the opposite direction.

Weird friends I know, but I am no less.

The day went the same as usual and I was walking out of my last class, when somebody grabbed my hand and started pulling me in the opposite direction.

I looked up to see Grace.

"Grace! What are you doing?" I asked confused as she kept pulling me.

"Just run along and I'll explain." She said urgently. Something was really wrong, and Grace looked worried.

"There was a fight between the jocks of our school and Adam's high. Jerry was with them too and I heard the fight got really bad. So, let's go and see if he's alright, or do I need to kick some ass." She explained as we rushed through the corridors and reached the front of the school. Seaford high, our school, and Adam's high were rivals. They competed in everything, academics, and sports. Everything. There was often a fight between the students.

This reminded me of yesterday's fight, when I was… I shook my head.

Not the right time Kim….

I immediately spotted Jerry, he was lying on the ground his nose was bleeding, his lip split open, and a huge cut on his right cheek, his hand was bleeding too. I ran to him.

"Shit Jerry! Are you okay?" I asked as I crouched down to him.

"Yeah Kim I am rocking, I could dance with joy right about now, I feel so good." He said sarcastically. "Idiot." He murmured under his breath.

"A simple no would've conveyed your message." I said glaring at him. I looked around; one or more guys were hurt as bad as Jerry. Others looked better. I saw Eddie talking to two guys, from the rival school, I suppose. They were having some serious discussion, hopefully on peace making.

We helped Jerry stand up, so that we could escort him to the nurse's office.

"Hey dude." Somebody called from behind us. I turned around to see Eddie and another guy that he was talking to earlier, standing behind us.

Jerry slowly turned his head around and asked "Yeah?"

"Justin is here to apologize." Eddie said and I saw Justin smile, but it wasn't a genuine one, it was the one that said "as if."

"Is it really bad?" Justin said, nodding towards Jerry's wounds.

"A little." Jerry replied and winced as he completely turned around, causing his ankle to hurt.

"Don't be a pussy. You'll be fine." Justin said and smirked.

I knew it. Stupid ill-mannered Justin….ASS!

Eddie lightly punched Justin. "You promised to-"but before he could continue speaking, Grace kicked Justin, he lost his balance and fell down. Grace kept her foot on his chest.

"YOU don't mess with any of my friends asshole. Otherwise I will rip your balls out and hand them to you. "She said and removed her foot. Anger was evident on Justin's face.

"Listen you, I do not advocate hitting women what-so-ever, but you grow one more hair on that chin and I'm taking you OUT!" Justin yelled as he got in Grace's face. Eddie pulled him back.

Before Grace could say anything else I pulled her back. "Stop it Grace, just let it go." If she got caught fighting (again) she'll be suspended. She already has 3 warnings. She understood my expression and didn't need to say anything anymore. After a few seconds of composing herself, we then proceeded to the nurse's office with carrying Jerry between both of our shoulders.

I rang the doorbell of Eddie's house and he opened the door after a couple of seconds.

"Hey Kim! Thank you so much for doing this." He said with a huge smile. "I am leaving now, my parents have already left. If you need anything or if there is any problems just give me a call okay?"

"Sure." I replied with a smile. I walked inside as he walked out to his car.

"Uh Kim?" I heard Eddie's uneasy voice from behind, and I turned around.

"Yeah?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

"Do I look okay?" He asked sheepishly.

No you look like you saw a witch with fangs…shut up!

"Yes. You look nice." I said with a smile, he really did look nice and decent and I am sure he is serious about Sophie; he wouldn't have cared for his looks otherwise. He smiled back and continued down to his car.

I got inside and shut the door. I could hear a cartoon show playing on TV. I tiptoed to the living room, where Sarah was sitting, her mouth wide open and a packet of gummer bears in her hand.

Oh my god! I love gummy bears!

Ignoring the urge to go and snatch the gummy bears from the little girl, I went and stood behind her, she still hadn't noticed me. I bent down a little, and started tickling her. She let out a surprised squeal and started laughing uncontrollably and dropped the gummy bears which were really tempting.

She turned around and gasped. "Kimmy!" She gave me a wide smile and hugged me.

"Hello little girl! How are you?!" I said and hugged her back.

"I'm good." She said in her baby voice, smiling at me and I kissed her cheeks. She is adorable.

"Alright, do you want to play or watch TV?" I asked her, as I picked her toys from the floor.

"Let's pway." She said jumping up and down on the couch.

"Okay what do you want to pway? Hide and seek?" I asked commenting her cute accent. You know typically how we folk talk to little adorable kids like Sarah. : P

"Yes!" She said and clapped her hands, beaming at me. I clapped my hands too.

"Let's go." I said and picked her up.


"Look back! Look back! No!" I shouted and covered my face in disappointment as Tom caught Jerry.

Sarah and I had played pretty much all night, hide and seek, we ran around the house tagging each other, she had her milk, and now we were watching Tom and Jerry. Sarah had offered me her gummy bears. Good girl. We laughed as Jerry hit Tom with a hammer, causing a huge pink bump on his head.

The doorbell rang. I looked at the clock; it was only eight forty five. Eddie is back really soon, I hope everything went okay.

I opened the door to find standing there. He looked at me, confusion clear on his face; and I'm pretty sure I had the same dumbfounded look.

"Are you Eddie's girlfriend?" he asked out of nowhere. What?

"Well hello to you too and no, I am not." I replied sarcastically. He raised an eyebrow.

"What are you doing here then?" He asked. Oh I'm just robbing this house.

But before I could reply, he threw another question. "Where is Eddie?" irritation was clear in his voice.

In your pocket.

"I am here to babysit his sister and Eddie is on a date." I replied simply. He groaned.

He muttered something under his breath, which I couldn't understand. I started closing the door.

"Hey." He called as he put his hand on the door to stop me, with an annoyed look on his face.

"Yes?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. What does he want?

"I'm supposed to stay here tonight, so move." He said getting inside the house.

"Wait. I can't let you in. Eddie never told me you were coming and I can't just let some random person in like that." As I explained this to him his expression turned from annoyed to frustrated.

He sighed and pulled out his phone and called someone, Eddie, I think.

Before he could say something, Eddie said something.

"It's not my fault you are not at home, and you didn't tell this babysitter that I was supposed to come. She won't let me in." He glared at me. What is his problem? I didn't say anything wrong; I'm just trying to keep Sarah, myself, and this house safe. Is that so wrong? Idiot.

He held out his phone to me as Eddie said something. I took it from him.


"Yeah Kim, I am so sorry I forgot to mention Justin. He is supposed to stay at my place tonight. Let him in, don't mind him, he's kind of in a bad mood today." Eddie spoke.

"Sure no problem." I said and gave the phone back to annoyed jerk face in front of me. He disconnected the call and looked at me.

"Are you going to let me in now?" He asked sarcastically.

Nah, I would rather kick your ass out.

My eyes widened and I covered my mouth with my hands, as I realized I said that out loud. Oops.

Justin looked annoyed for a second, but it was instantly wiped off with a smirk.

He pushed me aside lightly and went inside. The smirk still in place.

I huffed.

Eddie you better come back home soon, if you don't want to see my homicidal side.


Well, I guess I kind of left you with a cliffy to see what happens between Justin and Kim… : P

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