Through the Dark

Izzy is new in town. she has brown wavy hair and emerald green eyes. She is a good girl, she's innocent. she instantly gets picked on at school, she notices one boy. Harry Styles. he is covered in tattoos and piercings. he smokes, parties most nights and gets drunk. Harry catches her eye. she tries to talk to him. will he let her in or will he let her crash and burn?


1. Him

I was walking through the hallways before school. i avoided everyone's gaze. i had my hair over my face. i hurried to my locker. i opened it and put all my books inside. it was my first week. i hate it. i already get bullied. i haven't told anyone. i live with my brother now. our parents left us and my older brother Jesse has looked after me since. i grabbed my books for first and second lesson. i went to put them in my bag when they were pushed out of my hands and to the floor. "whats up bitch?" i turned around and saw the head cheerleader Holly. i sighed.

"nothing.." i said quietly. 

"did i say you could speak?" she snapped. i shook my head and looked down. she slammed me into my locker and slapped me. i whimpered. "what the hell do you think you're doing?" a deep voice barked. Holly turned around and saw Harry Styles. the school bad boy. Holly froze "n..nothing," she stuttered.

"then i guess you'll be on your way," he growled and gestured for her to leave. she nodded and quickly left. i looked up at him and quickly picked up my books. "are you ok love?" he asked me. i quickly nodded. "I'm perfectly fine," i said and turned to face him. he noticed the red mark on my cheek. he raised his eyebrow and sighed."you sure?" he said. i hesitated before nodding. i didn't want him to se the tears. he nodded. "ok, just if you ever get into anymore trouble just shout for me," he said. i nodded and he left. i quickly went to first lesson. i couldn't take my mind off the new boy. couldn't get my mind off of Him.

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