Through the Dark

Izzy is new in town. she has brown wavy hair and emerald green eyes. She is a good girl, she's innocent. she instantly gets picked on at school, she notices one boy. Harry Styles. he is covered in tattoos and piercings. he smokes, parties most nights and gets drunk. Harry catches her eye. she tries to talk to him. will he let her in or will he let her crash and burn?


5. a Talk with him

Izzy's P.O.V: Harry was actually really nice. we talked a little bit and he kept making me laugh. after he called me beautiful and i showed him the scars we just hugged for ages. suddenly i heard Jesse heading towards my room. i looked at harry and took his hand and dragged him to my wardrobe. he was smirking and i giggled before pushing him inside and shutting him in. i quickly sat at my computer. Jesse poked his head around the door and smirked. "How's the homework going?" he asked me.

"fine," i said and he rolled his eyes.

"mhmm," he said and placed his hand on his hip. i couldn't help laughing at him. 

"you know you can be really gay sometimes?" he said to me. he chuckled and ruffled my hair and left the room. once i heard his bedroom door shut i hurried to the wardrobe and opened it and Harry stepped out smirking. "Is gay the best insult you have?" he asked me. i rolled my eyes. "i don't swear in front of my brother," i said and he laughed loudly. i quickly covered his mouth and he quietened. "god your so innocent." he said and i looked down blushing. "It's so adorable," he said and i blushed more. i suddenly yawned. i quickly covered my mouth and he chuckled again. "get some sleep love," he said and kissed my temple. i blushed and nodded. "tomorrow when your ready, before school come knock on my door and i will give you a lift," he said and i nodded. he climbed out of my window and across the tree back to his room and waved goodbye to me before going inside. i smiled and closed my window and got changed into my pyjamas. i crawled into bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

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