Through the Dark

Izzy is new in town. she has brown wavy hair and emerald green eyes. She is a good girl, she's innocent. she instantly gets picked on at school, she notices one boy. Harry Styles. he is covered in tattoos and piercings. he smokes, parties most nights and gets drunk. Harry catches her eye. she tries to talk to him. will he let her in or will he let her crash and burn?


6. a Talk with her

When Izzy shoved me in her wardrobe i found it adorable how innocent she was. I heard her argue with her brother. I heard him leave and she opened the door and i smirked. "You are so Innocent," I said and she blushed. I smirked. "Tomorrow for school come to mine and i will take you to school ok?" i asked her. She nodded and I smiled. "get some sleep," I said and kissed her forehead and left her room back to my bedroom. I climbed into my bed and fell straight asleep thinking of her.

The next morning I woke up and got out of bed. I showered and got dressed and just let my hair air dry. I put on black skinny's and a white t shirt. I slipped on my white vans and pulled on my black hoodie. I put my lip piercing in then went downstairs and put my breakfast on the fryer. While i was waiting for the food there was a knock on the door. I hurried to answer it and saw Izzy at the door. I smiled at her and let her in. I looked her up and down and smiled. She was in a White summer dress down to her knees. It had a red trim around the waist. She had red flats and a red bow in her hair. "You look beautiful," I said. she smiled and blushed.

"Thank you," She said and i smiled. "You look good too," she said. I smirked and chuckled.

"Thanks love," i said and walked into the kitchen. She followed me and I gestured for her to sit down on one of the bar stools. She sat down and i put all the food on a large plate. I sat opposite her and put the plate in between us. "You hungry?" I asked her. she nodded. "Help Yourself," i said and she smiled and took a piece of bacon and nibbled at it. I smiled and took a big slice. I looked at the time. "Come on love, We don't want to be late," i said and grabbed my bag. she nodded and i got off of the stool and grabbed her bag for her and walked to my car with her.


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