Clarice is living the perfect life. Perfect school, perfect boyfriend, perfect body. Then one day everything changes. She's moving. When she leaves she asks her boyfriend to promise her one thing. "Don't forget about me." "Promise?" "Promise." Then what happens when she comes back 3 years later. Will her love for her one and only be the same? Or will she move on? Will he even recognize her? Find out in promises aren't meant to be broken.


1. Prologue


"Don't forget about me.Promise?"


*Flashback over*

That was three years ago. I was 17. Just figuring things out. But then we left and everything changed. My life isn't the same and never will. If only I could see him one more time. I miss him so much but maybe just maybe one day it'll be okay again. 


If you want to be a character in the story then comment name, age, hair and eye color, nickname. Options are for best friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, ect.



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