Ink on the Quill

"All dreams come from a drop. All wishes come from a scratch. All things come, from ink on the quill."

This is a compilation of poetry that I have written from when I was quite young up to now. The subject, theme and skill level all change dramatically from poem to poem. I would love to hear your feedback along with which one you enjoy most!


3. Release II


It's trembling.

Quivering, and vibrating,
An aria of waves against the still air.
This is not the end.
The is the release of something beautiful

Like a violin string
it's nocked sharply
a cold angle, yet soft,
blur of string onto shards.

There is no question.
It points only forward,
no thought, dream for what is left behind.

This is not the end.
This is the release of something...

The tension is alive,
The passion behind it soars,
Silver wire, black point, poised
and you know,
That this instant,
alive - 


Like a hawk, through silvered air
It races the greyhounds of the winds
Like an engine, it quivers in flight
And buzzes, a bee angled and tense.
This is thought-out, considered,
yet, a riotous act of spontaneity in a prisoned world.
This is a release like no other,

One of freedom,
of beautiful,
soaring, perfect
Exemption. Unrestraint.

An arrow flies, from a bow.

This is not the end.

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