Layn finds her self running away from her mom and towards a bar. She meets a certain boy and finds herself DRUNK.


1. Chapter 1

Niall's P.O.V

I walked up to the bar. "What can I get for you." "One pint." I said. "And what can I get for you miss." The bartender said to the girl sitting next to me. "I'll also have a pint." "Big drink for such a small lady." He sat down both of our pints. I turned to look at her but before I could say anything she just looked at me and said. "So why are you here?"  "Uh well I'm here with some of my mates. How about yourself?"  "I ran from home, my mom was pissing me off telling me that I should be all proper because I'm a prodigy or whatever the hell that means." She said trying to mimic a posh tone. "So what's your name?" I asked her. "Tom." She said. "Really?" I asked confused.  "No my real name is layn hemmings (pronounced like lane), what's yours." "Niall horan." I said proudly. "Ah the famous Niall horan." She said while taking a swig of her beer. "That's the one." We talked for a while longer before we where both totally drunk. "You want to go swimming with me?" I asked slurring my words. "That sounds like fun." Her words also slurred.  We got off of the bar stools. I didn't realize how uncomfortable they had been until I actually stood up because my butt and back where killing me. "Let's jump in together." "But the water is cold and its like 40 degrees outside." She said. "I'll keep you warm." I winked at her. "You ready?" She nodded. "1...2...3...JUMP!!!" We yelled together. When ever we hit the water it was so cold. And I'm pretty sure there was a layer of ice on the top. "Holy crap it's freezing!" She said while hugging her self. I swam towards her and wrapped my arms around her. "Better?" I asked. "Much."  "Guess what." I said. "What?" "I slipped the bartender a 50 and he said he would keep bringing us drinks." She squeaked and got of the pool. We walked back to the bar soaking wet. The bartender kept passing us more and more drinks until I couldn't see straight. I dragged her to my room taking a pint with us.

*The next morning*

Layn's P.O.V

I woke up with a massive headache and the urge to throw up. I couldn't remember anything that had happened the night before. I looked down and I wasn't wearing any clothes. I rolled over on my side trying not to throw up. But instead if seeing an empty bed I saw a bare back and blond hair. "Oh my gosh." I sort of screamed. Niall woke up and sat up looking around trying to figure out where the voice came from. He turned his head towards me and his eyes where as big as saucers.       "Wh-who are you?" He asked. "My name is layn?" "What is yours?" I asked with a very confused look. "Niall, why are you in my bed. And why am I naked. " He asked. "I'm trying to figure that out myself." I said I pushed my hands through my greasy hair. "Great just great, I slept with a married woman." He said looking at my hand. "Niall look at your hand." He looked at his hand and saw that he was also wearing a ring. "How did I get married and have sex with someone and I can't remember any of it." He said. I just started crying as I lifted a piece of paper off of the bed side table. I read it aloud. "This paper states that Niall horan and Layn hemmings are hereby married by the court of law." It had both of our signatures written on the bottom. I cried even harder than before. Niall moved across the bed and hugged me. I had the sudden urge to throw up. I ran off to the bathroom grabbing my clothes on my way. "Am I really that bad?" Niall asked from the bedroom. I started throwing up. Niall came in and held my hair. "Do you know if you used a condom?" I asked him "no I don't remember anything. I'll go check the trash can and everywhere else in the room." I nodded and continued throwing up everything I had consumed over the last 24 hours. "I can't find any wrapper or any thing concluding that we had used a condom." He said with tears rolling down his cheek. "I'm so sorry Niall. I probably just ruined your life." I whispered. "No, no don't say that." He said while hugging me. 

Niall's P.O.V

"I'm sorry Niall. I probably just ruined your life." She said. "No,no don't say that." I said hugging her. Maybe it was possible that I did love her. I could tell that there was something about her that made drunk Niall want to marry her unless drunk Niall was just thinking with his penis. But that couldn't be because I get drunk quite a lot and I never actually have sex with a girl when I am intoxicated.I WAS still a virgin. I did say I would wait till marriage though. I think I might actually have real feelings for layn.

A/N ~ hey guys its catherine I hope you like the first chapter. Tell me what you think In the comments :)

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