My punk

Sky is the nerd of the school always getting the good grades she would never do a naughty thing but what people don't know so that she's a punk she's covered in tattoos and a few pearcings she also competes in street races ,loves clubbing,alcohol and she smokes she also deals drugs but she hides her true identity from overs but when she meets another punk will she trust him with her secret or will she not.


2. Punk


"So what I am a rock star I got my rock moves and I don't need you and guess what I'm having more fun now that were done" I groaned slamming my alarm clock off I hopped out of bed and looked in my mirror " another day to hide" I whisper to myself I walked into my closet and looked for something to wear " I can't be fucked hiding my tats so long sleeved it is" I said looking at my arms that were covered I grabbed a black tank top and a over sized sweat shirt with my black skinnies and my black converse I'm not really a girl that wears converse I'm more of a heel type of person I chucked on my clothes and walked into the bath room I picked up my hair cap and put it ontop of my head making sure all my hair was in I grabbed my wig and placed it ontop making sure nothing was showing that wasn't meant to I picked up the glasses that were on the sink and placed them on my face " shit may want to remove these" I mumbled taking out my snake bite and tounge pearcing and placing them on the shelf I walked down stairs grabbing my bag and an apple I walked into the garage to see my street race car sitting their sparkling (it's Paul walkers car) " hello my beauty can't wait to ride you later " I said patting the hood I walked back into the house and out the door while I was walking to school my phone buzzed it was my best friend violet 

-to sky-

hey change of plans you need a partner for the race other wise you can't enter 

-from violet-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

what I don't remember that I sent her a message back

-to violet-

what why

-from sky-

it only took a matter of seconds for her reply

-to sky-

it's double the money 2000 so better find a partner because I'm not going with ya I got Louis 

-from violet-

i groaned of goes she's gonna be with Louis . Louis's her boyfriend a punk like me it's funny because vi's not even a punk she doesn't have any tattoos or a pearcing well If you count you're ears but doesn't matter because I know Louis would never hurt her because that would be our friend ship down the drain I got another three more texts when I reached the gates of shit wood high oops I mean bridge wood ehh nah I don't i looked down at my phone 


see you at the race :P xoxo



hey bestie  it's Liam and Niall here see ya at the race<3

and no I'm not dating any of them and yes I do have more then one best friend I have five actually there's vi Louis zayn Liam and Niall but I would never date them because well zayns bi and Niall and Liam are a couple (I don't support the Niam stuff and I know zayns not bi but its forthe book) I walk into school seeing everyone stare at me "nerd " "slut" "fatty""whore" "hoe just wants attention" these are just a few of what they call me but I really don't give a shit but I have to keep up the nerd cover no matter how much I just want to pull a gun up to their head and shoot them I made it to my locker I was about to open it when I felt my self get slammed onto the ground I looked up to see the jocks well here come the beating I felt multiple kicks all over my body every now and then I would groan but It was for the nerdy act I pretended to cry they carried on not giving a shit intill I heard a deep British sexy voice "GET THE FUCK OFF HER" I felt the kicks stop i opened my eyes to see the whole team on the ground knocked out wow who ever did this I need them in the gang I looked up to see a gorgeous boy with a mop of curls and emerald green eyes and had tattoos and pearcings all over.


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