My punk

Sky is the nerd of the school always getting the good grades she would never do a naughty thing but what people don't know so that she's a punk she's covered in tattoos and a few pearcings she also competes in street races ,loves clubbing,alcohol and she smokes she also deals drugs but she hides her true identity from overs but when she meets another punk will she trust him with her secret or will she not.


1. Introduction

Hey my names skyler but you can call me sky I'm 19 5 foot8 i have abs im the nerd at bridge wood high well that's what everybody thinks Under my disguise I have long straight red hair that goes down to my butt I have a lip pearcing a belly pearcing and a tounge pearcing I'm covered in tattoos and I'm apart of one of the most deadliest gang in the world well I'm the leader I also sell drugs but I don't do them I smoke and have millions of guns,knives and all that stuff hidden every where in my house I also do street races like they do in the fast and furious movies I'm a champ my parents where killed by another gang right infront of my eyes now that my real appereance is out of the way time for my fake one well at school I wear a straight dark brown wig that goes below my shoulders and have thick black glasses I cover my tattoos up with make up and take out my pearcings and pretend to shutter and be this weak girl that always gets beat up and I pretend it hurts when really I don't feel a thing and I don't bruise and everybody thinks my parents died in a crash but if only they knew so I guess that's all about me.

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