My punk

Sky is the nerd of the school always getting the good grades she would never do a naughty thing but what people don't know so that she's a punk she's covered in tattoos and a few pearcings she also competes in street races ,loves clubbing,alcohol and she smokes she also deals drugs but she hides her true identity from overs but when she meets another punk will she trust him with her secret or will she not.


3. Come over


the gorgeous boy infront of me gave me an out stretched hand I grabbed it and he pulled me up " are you alright" he said in his wonderful voice okay sky be the nerd "u-u-um y-y-yeah" I shuttered he flashed me a smile that showed of his pearly whites " would you like to sit with me and my mates at lunch" I nodded he smiled again before walking away -SKIP TO LUNCH- I walked through the doors to the lunch room everyone stopped to look at me they all started whispering things to their mates I scanned the room to see if I could find him my eyes stopped on a table that has six people sitting there the boy waved me over I made my way towards them but speed up when I saw the rest of my gang here Louis,zayn,Niall and Liam once I reached them I glared at my gang while The boy gave me a hug I hugged back " well my names Harry and my new friends are Louis , zayn , Niall , Liam and Louis's girl friend violet" he said pointing to them they all stood up and came towards me Liam went in for a hug which I accepted I turned my head towards his ear " what the fuck are you doing here" I whispered " we wanted to learn more about our besties nerdy life" he whispered back chuckling slightly I tightened my grip causing him to gasp for air I pulled back and smiled at him while he stood there taking deep breaths the rest of them gave me hugs and each time I squeezed the air out of them besides vi once we sat down every one started eating I looked down at my yuck food they give you every day mushed peas some type of sloppy soupy meat thing and a peice of bread I pushed my tray away from me earning looks for our group " aren't you hungry " Harry asked " nah " I said pushing the tray further he opened his mouth to speak but got cut off by the bell I stood up and left -SKIP TO END OF SCHOOL- I was about to walk away from school bu then I remembered the partner thing I turned back to the car park to see Harry about to get into his car "HARRY" I shouted he turned towards me I ran up to him "u-um I k-k-know we just m-meet and all b-but would you  like to c-c-come over I have to s-show you s-s-something " I said he nodded "ill drive us" I nodded hopping into his car I gave him directions and we stopped out side my house " who's cars " Harry said pointing to the seven cars parked out side of me and my gangs house thank lord they didn't leave out their race cars "um you'll have to find out when we get inside " fuck I forgot to shutter Harry payed no attention to what I said but got out of the car and went to my door I got out and went to the front door and unlocked It closing it behind us when we got inside " wow" Harry said staring at the house in aww I chucked my bag on the floor "BITCHES IM HOME WHERE'S MY KISSES " I yelled scaring Harry " your the only one " he got cut of by people jumping infront of us " wait what are yous doing here harry said pointing to them "we live here" Liam said wrapping his arm around Niall holding him close Harry looked even more confused " um people are you forgeting something where's ma sugar " I said Niall chuckled before coming over to me and hugging me when he pulled back he gave me a kiss on the lips I wrapped my arms around his neck he wrapped his around my waist we pulled back and Liam came up and did the same and then zayn did it but when it came to vi and Louis I just got a hug "what why did you kiss them" Harry said his fists clenching a little "aww someone's a little jelly " I said wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss when I pulled back he looked shocked " Liam and Niall are a couple and zayns bi he likes girls and boys but mostly boys so no need to worry " I said sitting on the couch now I just need to tell him who I really am and ask him.

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