Day 1

For most of Liv's life time has been going relatively slow paced. And then her parents broke up and her Dad took her brother away to Sydney while she and her mother travelled to England. With her mum encouraging her to take the chance to a new life it's hard not to give in and forget the past. But that's what her brother did. So why doesn't she?
But what happens when her brother meets Liv at the airport in Melbourne and he remembers?


6. 5- LIV

 My smile faltered and disappeared. I admit that I used to hate Damian. He was the one who got all the attention. He got all the hugs and all the best presents. I just couldn't understand why everyone loved him better. I put my glass down and stared at him for a moment.

“Dad, can you please go. I want to talk to Damian. Alone,” I said.

Dad's face was still beetroot red. “But-”

“Dad! Please.”

Dad sighed and headed out into the kitchen again.

An awkward silence fell between Damian and I. Over five years of separation you've got a lot to talk about. Especially if you're as distant from eachother as we were. But there was so much that you couldn't say it all at once.

“I used to hate you you know. I mean, I don't hate you now but back then I hated your guts,” I admitted.

Damian blinked. “I'm not surprised.”

“To me, you were so spoiled and so annoying. It's weird to think that you're all grown up now. Anyway, I used to envy you which is why I think that I hated you so much. I actually wanted to forget everything everyday. It would be like, living a new life...and when Dad ignored me and pampered you I felt so angry and then I began to envy you even more.” I released my hard grip of my hand. My nails had drawn blood.

Damian shrugged and leant back in his seat. I hadn't really took any notice of who he looked like most. Mum or Dad. But observing it now I could tell her definitely looked Mum. “I envied you too actually but I didn't hate you. In fact I adored you! I thought: wouldn't it be great to remember everything every single day. We're so different but so alike really. Even if we're as distant as we seem there's a bridge that we can cross. That's what my English teacher was telling us anyway.”

Now, I'm not one to be sentimental and I absolutely want to murder movies if there's any cheesy or sob-story scenes. Even then I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “I'm gonna go re-fill my drink.” I stood abruptly and scuttled into the kitchen.

Dad was seated at the table with a mug of coffee and a newspaper at his side. “How's it-”

“Fine.” I turned on the water and watched it splash into the glass cup. There's something mesmerising about watching liquid ripple and swirl. And that made me think how weird it would be if Mum and Dad still loved eachother and we still lived together as one big happy family because even though Damian and I were so distant we were now closer than ever.

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