Day 1

For most of Liv's life time has been going relatively slow paced. And then her parents broke up and her Dad took her brother away to Sydney while she and her mother travelled to England. With her mum encouraging her to take the chance to a new life it's hard not to give in and forget the past. But that's what her brother did. So why doesn't she?
But what happens when her brother meets Liv at the airport in Melbourne and he remembers?


4. 3- LIV

 “Hey,” I whispered into the phone.

“Liv?” Dad hissed from the other end.

“I know it's not the best time but...I wanted to ask you something vitally important.” I glanced fervently around the room to make sure Mum wasn't eavesdropping. She tended to do that if she got suspicious. Over protective parents...what can you do? “Does Damian have a squeaky voice?”


I know it probably sounded weird from his prospective but I persisted. “Squeaky voice. Does he have a squeaky voice?”

“Um...I guess so.”

I blinked. “So that means...”


“I met Damian!”

“ couldn't have.”

“But I did. He remembered me, Dad! He said it himself he-”


I could tell Dad was angry with me. Mainly because he hung up mid-sentence. I dropped the phone and noticed Mum staring at me from the doorway of our hotel room. Her hair was dripping wet from the shower and there were bags forming under her eyes. “Oh hi. Mum.”

“Get away from the phone this instance,” Mum said coldly.

I backed away. She lunged towards me with daggers flying out of her eyes.

“How dare you call him without my consent!” Mum yelled sharply. “Can't you obey your own mother? What has he ever done for us? Nothing. Now go-”

“I was just asking him a simple question.” I began. “One question. I wasn't asking to visit him or anything.”

Mum grabbed my suitcase and basically threw it at me with strength I never knew she had. “If you prefer him over me then...GET. OUT. NOW.”

I dashed across the room and began packing my suitcase. Maybe it would be better if I left Mum by herself for a while to let her cool off. Relax. She was just stressed. When I'd finished I stood and walked to the door but stopped.

“You know, you were always the one telling me not to be selfish and respect other people no matter what. You told me to treat other people like they'd like to be treated. Well, that was probably the most selfish thing you could've said at the moment. I admit Dad wasn't the best role-model and I didn't really think he loved me but you're not much better than him. Yelling all the time. Not caring what it made us feel like. Dad's not the only self-centred person around here.”

And I shut the door.


It is my advice to you to not go off on your own without money. I knew where Dad's house was but it was on the other side of town. A fair distance from the hotel. I could call Dad but...he was probably at work. I took a deep breath and dialled.


“Oh hi,” I said. “Damian isn't it?”

“Who's this?”

He didn't remember me. He must've forgot over night. “It's um, it's um Olivia. of your dad's.”

There was muffled noises as Damian yelled for Dad to come to the kitchen.

“Here's coming,” Damian told me.


“Liv? What is it now? I just got ready for work? Can't you ring me some other time?” Dad huffed.

“I need a car,” I said flatly.

“A car?”

“Mum kicked me out. I need to come over to your house for a while.”

“Oh alright. I'm coming. Give me half an hour.”

And so the wait began. It was possibly the longest yet most exhausting hour of my life. I had no idea if Dad would actually make it. He was such a busy man after all...

“I hate waiting,” I mumbled and found a seat next to a pot plant.

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