Day 1

For most of Liv's life time has been going relatively slow paced. And then her parents broke up and her Dad took her brother away to Sydney while she and her mother travelled to England. With her mum encouraging her to take the chance to a new life it's hard not to give in and forget the past. But that's what her brother did. So why doesn't she?
But what happens when her brother meets Liv at the airport in Melbourne and he remembers?


2. 1- LIV

The skyline of Sydney looked strangely alien from my view of the aeroplane window. It was possibly caused by the eerie glow of the moon or just the fact that I hadn’t got any sleep for the past 24 hours. Either way my Mum’s snoring had kept me up all night so I’d began watching Winnie the Pooh on my screen because I’m just a child at heart. My sorry excuse for a bag lay at my feet with my laptop and pencil case all miraculously stuffed into it and my head was drooped lazily against the seat head-rest. I really couldn’t believe Mum was risking this. Staying so near to Dad was like standing at the edge of the cliff and hoping against hope that you didn’t lose your balance and fall down the chasm below. I crunched mournfully on the last remains of my plane provided cashew nuts. It had been four years since we'd been a whole family...

By the time we headed out into the Sydney airport my legs were collapsing in puddles underneath me. Mum looked like she was a sleep-deprived zombie so all in all we must’ve resembled quite a comical pair.

“How about something to eat before we go…have a….rest?” Mum mumbled beyond recognition.

“Sure, Mum,” I yawned.

We trudged through the building crowd of tourists and families until we found a cafe where there weren't as many people as the others. Airport food is undoubtedly better than Aeroplane food. It tastes both fresher and less artificial. That might've just been the croissant though that was lying infront of me with its gloriously golden casing shining into my eyes. I couldn't quite bring myself to eat it actually.

“What on earth are you doing?” Mum had her coffee half-raised to her lips.

“It's just so beautiful!” I exclaimed, my eyes watering slightly.

“The croissant? Really? Common sense, Liv,” Mum sighed.

I took a tentative bite out of the thick pastry and melted into the chair. I tended to worry my mum sometimes.

“Anyway, I need to go to the toilet. Look after the table for me will you? Oh and by the time I come back I expect that you won't be staring at your food as if it were a long lost relative.” Mum disappeared into the sea of people...long lost relative...not long lost, but a relative...

Suddenly I fell back and hit the floor with a loud thud. When I looked up my croissant had flown off the plate and was sitting next to me. I held back the tears just like Mum had ordered me to.

“Sorry! I'm sorry. Really sorry. I'm so sorry!” I could tell it was a boy around my age but only just. It was sort of squeaky as if he was trying to stay calm instead of having an epileptic fit.

No. It's fine.” I managed one more glance at my deceased food before standing to see its murderer. He was a little taller than me and had similar hair to mine, a rich honey colour. Mum always made me dress nicely but this guy looked like he couldn't care less. His dark jeans and Christmas themed sweater reminded me of someone. “Do I know you?”

The guy stared at me. “No. I-I don't think so...we might've. I'm just so sorry.” It turned out his slightly squeaky voice was his actual voice.

Seriously, it's fine.” I smiled. “I wasn't admiring my food's beauty at all or the fact that it smelled like the best thing anyone on the surface of this earth could make.”

Oh...I can buy you another one if that makes you feel better,” the guy offered.

I shook my head immediately. “I'll just wait until my mum comes back. She'll pay for it.”

Great. I'm just so sorry. I-I'm just glad you're not hurt.” The guy started to walk away. I watched each step. Was it the way he walked or his voice that sparked some memory? I had no idea. It was everything about him I think. That's when I'd noticed the guy had stopped. He turned around ever so slowly and his mouth was gaping open.

I can't believe it!” he squeaked. “I can remember something! I actually remember! I remember you!” And with that he dived into the crowd and zoomed off.

At that exact moment Mum came back from the toilet. “Who was that?” She seated herself back down at our table.

I picked my chair up and frowned. “I have no idea. I didn't actually ask his name. But he looked familiar.”

You've never been to Melbourne before,” Mum laughed. “You can't possibly expect to know someone here.”

Yeah, I guess so...” But I wasn't so sure.

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