Accrochez ne laissez pas aller (Hold tight dont let go)

When 4 best friends: Rylee Jenner,Abi lendel,Karissa meyers and,Luci Kramer.
Go to Paris,France the city of love and lights.While the girls go to Paris for vacation
Justin is there for 4 months on tour What
happends when all 4 girls fall in love with
justin his friends and a mysterious french


3. plane ride


We finally got on our plane after and hour car ride to the airport.the seating arrangements went two seats to a row.

Mom Dad

Abi Karissa

Luci some random person I got the window seat and the one next to me was empty and a very attractive boy came and said is this seat takin I and I said it is now and he sat down we minded our business until the plane ride was over."the plane will be landing now please sit down and put on the seatbelts" the pilot said over the speaker we all did as toldI came off the plane pretty jet lagged Luci then ran to me and said how come you didn't like freak out over the person next to u luci saiid and I replied because u don't know him and then she are you freakin crazy that was Justin bieber THE the justin bieber she answered "no really no it couldn't of been then that's why he looked slightly familiar to me it was Justin Drew Bieber my idol see my middle name is Drew wierd right we'll they wanted a boy so my middle name is boyish but it could work for a girl. I just couldn't believe I sat next to him and couldn't put my finger I. It he's going to Paris. That was theoment I don't realize my life was gonna change.

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