Accrochez ne laissez pas aller (Hold tight dont let go)

When 4 best friends: Rylee Jenner,Abi lendel,Karissa meyers and,Luci Kramer.
Go to Paris,France the city of love and lights.While the girls go to Paris for vacation
Justin is there for 4 months on tour What
happends when all 4 girls fall in love with
justin his friends and a mysterious french


2. Paris here we come

Hey guys sorry for delay now the chapter is here

Rylee's POV

Today is the day we all go to Paris for summer vacation. But my catch is that my parents said I can bring friends and we can all go by ourselves. Witch is amazing. Gosh I love my parents.

At school

Hey Abi luci and karissa guess what you guys get to comeParis to be with me they all screamed and. Texted their parents at work and they all said yes which we were all happy about then the bell rang and we all went to class Once class was over everybody came to my house and after they all packed. Then my mom and dad said that The plane flight was tomorrow so they could just sleep over until tomorrow.

At home

I'm so glad that we are going to Paris tomorrow it will be an awesome time. At least that's what I think.

Hey guys sorry for the delay on this chapter it is here now and I will try to update regularly peace love yah!!!

Beautifulblackmoon78 aka Tyler bye <3

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