Never Again


1. Who would have known?

I never would have expected to be siting here in his arms. You would understand because you don't know the back story. So let's rewind back to August and get this story started with.

Welcome to my senior year. Here's a few things you should know about me I'm seventeen, I've never had boyfriend, and I've never been kissed. Sounds like some dumb eighties movie, am I right? My name is Heidi,which isn't a very common name. The back story behind it is my mom was opposed with Shirley Temple when she was little so she named me after her favorite movie. Which is cute I guess If you're in to that kind of thing.

Okay on to the story. Ella my best friend had recently been to a crazy high school party. While she was there she met a new boy who went to our school. She decided she liked him and was going to get to know him better.

" He is so cute... He has amazing chest. The whole night I would just rub his chest and tell him how attractive he was.Most of the reason was I was drunk and he was really attractive."Ella would keep telling me this story until one day she introduced me to him.

Here's how it all went down.

"Heidi, this is Harry. You know the boy I've been telling you about." She was right he is attractive. He had brown curly hair and green eyes and a enchanting smile. Then I knew I had to get to know this boy he had to be my first kiss, and I was going to get him. Whatever it takes.

Author's note: Please comment if you enjoy this story. I want to know if I should continue it or not.

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