Never Again


3. Getting to know him

Ella wasn't that sad about their break up she decided to go back to her ex JD. She never truly got over him but don't know if he is going to take her back. But that's all okay it's my turn to have the guy of my dreams. No more watching from the side lines. It's time for me the main character of this book I call my life.

I made a plan to win over Harry.

Step 1: become friends

Step 2: start flirting

Step 3: go on our first date

It might sound easy to some girls, but to me it was going to be as easy as training a pig to fly.

Time to start the first step. I walked over to his locker and tried to give him a flirty smile.

"Hey Heidi, how's it going?" Harry asked. I took a big breath and said,"I hate school." Damn it, all magazines say you aren't supposed to complain to a guy you're interested in gosh darn it. "Heidi, I was wondering if you would like to go to the party I'm having this weekend?"

Girl, calm yourself just say yes... You got this don't mess this up. " I would love too, where will it be?" I said as calmly as I could. " Give me your number and I'll text you the details." He gave me his phone and I put my number in. The bell rang and he said, " well I better get to class I hope to see you Saturday."

Step one is going pretty good I think. After class my friend Carrie came up to me. Carrie has brown hair and her most noticeable feature is her huge butt. We make fun of it a lot it's quite comical. Carrie then said, " did you get invited to Harry's party? I heard there is going to be alcohol." Damn it I should have known," Yeah I was invited... I'm thinking about going.""Heidi, that isn't really your scene are you sure you want to go?" Carrie asked. " Carrie, it's about time I start living and stop spending all my time day dreaming about it. I'm going and don't try to tell me not to."

I got the text from Harry:

Hey it's Harry. My address is 234 west valley rd come around 7ish. Bring a sleeping bag because it's a bonfire camp out! I hope to see you there,Heidi!

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