Never Again


2. Ella's quick fling

So Ella's and Harry's fling lasted for about a month, here's a quick summary of what went down.

Ella had a lot more experience with boys then me. She had done every thing with boys you could think of other then sex. She was blonde,tall,skinny,and desirable. That's why Harry was drawn to her. I on the other hand was short, blonde, chubby, and uneducated in what boys want. So Ella basically had the upper hand in this game.

I was there for their first kiss. I was so jealous I urned for his lips to touch mine. I felt so guilty wishing he was mine, wishing to feel his touch. Wondering what a kiss felt like, what love felt like. He was my dream guy. Well anyway I though he could have been. We never spent much time together cause he was dating Ella. Ella was better then me at everything. She always had to show me up and show me what I couldn't have. I wonder if that was the whole reason she dated him. He wasn't really her type at all. She like athletic guys who weren't very smart. Harry was artistic, musical and incredibly knowledgeable.

So essentially their whole romance turned into them planing when and how they were going to have sex. Both of them virgins. They didn't really see their virginitys as important things. They both basically thought of them as burdens given to them by god. They got so caught up in planing that it never really happened.They broke it off cause he cheated at a party cause they were never official. This makes them sound like awful people, but if you knew them you would love them like I do.

The he "cheated" on he with is a well known slut at our school. Her name is Chelsea she is known for screwing everything breathing male or female. She was the reason for a lot of break ups at our school. I don't even think her friends liked her. I don't even understand why people would want to do anything with her she wasn't that pretty. She had really short brown hair, snake bites and weird hipster like glasses. She was a... Excuse my French, " bitch."

I feel awful saying this but I was really happy when Harry and Ella broke up. I feel like they brought the worst out in each other.

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