Natalie has never been in love before and has never been loved. She has always felt alone and never been good at making friends but when Niall runs into her life all of that starts to change. She learns to love, makes 5 great friends and it seems all is well until something happens that flips her world around and she has to give up all that she loves.


4. whatever it takes

Chapter 3- whatever it takes

Natalie's POV


I looked into the mirror, my red cocktail dress reflecting in it. I grabbed my black tote bag, put my phone in it and walked out of my small room into the kitchen, my black stilettos clinking on the tile. I filled a glass with water and started to drink it. Halfway through a big gulp I heard a horn honk. I literally jumped and I felt the water going down the wrong pipe and started choking. Eventually the small bit of water came out of my nose. With my nose burning and still coughing I opened the door to outside and saw Niall walking to the door.

"Hello love" he said a smile across his face. I coughed again annoyed that I couldn't stop.

"You gave me a frickin heart attack!"

"Sorry, anyway change of plans we aren't going to chopsticks we are going somewhere else." He walked past me inside.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise but I think you’re going to wanna change into something a little more comfy." He looked me up and down making me feel a little uncomfortable.

"What do I change into?"

"Some jeans or something."

“Do you want a drink while you’re waiting for me?"

"I'll get it" he called out and I heard the cupboards open and close.

I walked to my bedroom and closed the door and locked it. I did not want him coming in here. I didn't have time to take the posters down. I changed into some light boyfriend jeans and a white top that had a silhouette of a few bird printed on the collarbone. I walked back into the kitchen and Niall was waiting for me on my bench- sitting on my bench.

"Niall get off my bench, I have to eat off there and now I have to disinfect it" he furrowed his brows and gave me this strange look.

"Sorry I'm a clean freak" I shrugged

"More like obsessive compulsive" he said chuckling and jumping off the bench.

"Let's go"

- - - - - - - -

Niall's POV

- - - - - - - -

I looked to the clock it was 6:43 and we had been stuck in traffic for 30 minutes this is a disaster, why is there so much traffic at bloody quarter to 7 at night. I hit the steering wheel.

"This blows!" I huffed. This is a disaster! God I am so stupid. Natalie giggled in the passenger seat


"You are really pissed off at this traffic." I turned to her giving a 'guilty as charged' grin and turned back to the road. Oh wow I can move a whole few metres.

"I don't like waiting. And I'm really annoyed because I had this amazing night planned for you-"

"Why won't you tell meeeeeeee!" She whined

"Because it's a surpriiiiiiiiiiise!" I whined back. She giggled again.

"At least tell me where we are going." She leaned her head to the right.

"Fine, we are going to the beach." She turned her head to me and I got a little worried.


"I love the beach!" She squealed and jumped up and down in her seat. I laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Thank god! Ok love, let's play a game." She looked at me funny and I realised how wrong that sounded. The way I said it was just wrong.

"Not that kind of game. A car game."

- - - - - -

We were finally here at the beach after we started playing categories the traffic cleared up and we got here soon after. I found a nice piece of grass and set the picnic out there. There were sandwiches and champagne. Fancy. There was other stuff too (strawberries and chocolate)

"Dig in" I announced and started eating.

"So, wanna play another game?" She nodded

"This game is the truth game. You can ask the other person any question about themselves and they have to answer truthfully. I'll start... Um... What is your favourite colour?"

"Purple. What's your favourite song?"

"Viva la Vida, are you a fan and who is your favourite?"

"Yes I am a huge fan and my favourite is tied between Harry and you"

"Harry always gets the girls" I said quietly and she giggled and I laughed back and we sat there for about 3 minutes laughing our asses of. I really don't know why, it's not that funny but who cares.

"Tell me a secret about you." She said sort of calmly. I didn't really know what to tell her.

"Um, Liam and Daniele are the only ones that know about you."

"Wait, what?" She screamed really surprised. I looked down at my lap

"Daniele and Liam are back together? I thought he was dating sperm face"

"What?" I said laughing

"Who's 'sperm face'" I was laughing so hard no sound was coming out and I was clapping my hands.

"That stupid, ugly thing that Liam is supposedly dating." She was laughing too.

"Hahahaha, Sophie?" She nodded

We spoke and played that game until the sun was about to start setting when we packed up the picnic and I put the basket in the car and we walked down to the pier.

"What was your childhood like?" I asked her. We were holding hands and walking down the pier and it was very romantic- thanks Dannie.

"Umm it's a long boring story" she said and I could tell that this wasn't easy for her.

"Go on..." I said gently not trying to push it.

"Well, my dad owned the huge international company and we were always moving around. He was always at work and me and my mum never saw him. It's like he didn't exist. mum was always 'shopping' as she likes to call it, but really she was just sleeping around cheating on my dad. So she was never there for me either. I was always left with the nanny and they were never around for long. They would catch mum with someone else and get fired. I started selling some if the shit they bought me and when I was 16 I flew here. 3 years later I still have some money left, I'm working at a pizza joint and I still haven't been signed on."

"Signed on what?"

"Oh yea I'm a singer." Well I can help with that. I am Niall from One Direction, I am in a famous band. I can call Simon! Hehe yes but later I'm on a date.

"Shit that's horrible." I said quietly. I rubbed her hand as we reached the end of the pier and sat on the edge to watch the sunset. She leaned her shoulder on mine and her hair flopped onto my chest. I put my arm around her waist but then started playing with her hair. She was so beautiful.

We sat there staring over the ocean in silence. This is so romantic and cute. I looked at her, the light reflecting off the water and onto her face. Her eyes had the red of the sun reflecting onto them. I'm going to make this work. Whatever it takes.

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