Natalie has never been in love before and has never been loved. She has always felt alone and never been good at making friends but when Niall runs into her life all of that starts to change. She learns to love, makes 5 great friends and it seems all is well until something happens that flips her world around and she has to give up all that she loves.


3. strawberries and chocolate

Chapter 2- strawberries and chocolate

Natalie's POV

I have four hours to kill before Niall picks me up. What to do? I should go to the gym. I got up from the kitchen bench, poured what was left of my water down the drain and walked into my bedroom. I changed into a pink and red patterned sports bra thing and put my black Adidas shorts on. I grabbed my grey sports jacket and keys then hopped in the car and headed for the gym.

I arrived at the gym and started warming up the way I usually do, jogging! I always jogged around the gym twice before I got inside and started my program. I loved the gym. It made my feel powerful and in control. Exercise helps me to clear my head and just think straight. I'm not fat and I can credit that to the numerous hours I spend at the gym. I do eat a lot of junk food. I try to limit myself but that never works. Now I have this thing were I don't put junk food in the pantry and have to run to the supermarket when I want something sweet. That helps a lot. Keeps me fit. As I finished my jog and got into the gym I started my routine.

I imagined being gym buddies with Liam, If I end up dating Niall I am defiantly going to make that happen. To be honest I can't believe I'm going on a date with Niall Horan! Out of all these girls that worship him, do anything for him, and HE asked ME out. HE PICKED ME! I have to take my posters down from my room. It's actually pretty creepy because all of my walls are covered with posters of the boys- mostly Niall of corse- I can do that when I get home. I'm a psycho.


Niall's POV


It's already 2:30 and I still haven't gotten off my ass. I should do something. I grabbed my car keys and drove to Liam's place. I knocked on the door and Danielle opened it, she had puffy eyes but she smiled at me and invited me inside. I sat on the couch in Liam's living room. Toy Story 3 was playing on the tv, that's why they were crying, it was the part where the toys almost die. I was squished between Dannie and Liam.

"Liam if the boys ask where I am tonight just tell them I went to a club." He tore his eyes from the tv.

"Why?" Daniele was listening too

"I have a date." I said. A smile crept across my lips as I thought about Natalie.

"Ooooo my little Niall has a date!" Daniele gently slapped my shoulder she was grinning like mad.

"Who is she?"

"Her name is Natalie, you know the other day I got mobbed, she drive me home." I couldn't help but grin thinking about her.

"What does she look like?" Liam asked smiling as well.

"She has brown eyes and her hair is brown and long, down to her ass. She is very pretty, stunning. And she is really short."

"Niall your blushing!" Dannie pinched my cheek

"What are you doing with her?" Liam asked.

"Not what your thinking" he chuckled

"Not like that mate."

"I'm taking her to chopsticks, that Chinese restaurant, and afterwards I was going to take her out for drinks."

"How old is she?"

"19... Oh yea no drinks for her" I realised. "What do you think I can do then?"

"give her a date to remember!" Dannie chirped in about to give me some very valuable advice.

"Like what?" I asked her I grabbed the bowl of chips that was on the table and shoved a handful in my mouth.

"Well... Make a picnic in the park, no! the beach, with sandwiches and then go to the pier and walk down that and then when you get to the end kiss her and do what you have to do." Se winked and I blushed a little.

"Yea Niall that sounds nice but make sure you have strawberries and chocolate that always works"

"Thanks, well let's watch the end of this movie even though I've watched it like a thousand times."

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