Harry or niall


3. next morning

So I woke up the next morning on this bed to see 5 hoy guys in 

Front of me I just said hey they said hey 

What am I doing here I asked nicely niall replyed saying I got really drunk and they brought me to there hotel I took out my phone and asked them if i can take a pic ture with them and they said sure except for niall he grabed my are and pulled me close and wispered in my ear I'll take a pic with you if you give me your number I smiled and knoded he smirked well I should get going wait said harry and niall I turned around confused niall came and told me he'd drive me home harry then came and said let me take you to breakfast i said ok niall said bye to me and harry and told me he'd take me out for dinner around 8:00 so we got out of the hotel there were so many paparazis so we got to harrys car and he opened the door for me I said thanks then we drove to the restruant it was nice but there were paparazis at the restruant harry and I were walking in to the restruant  we sat down and looked at the menu I ordered the pancake special then I told harry I was going to go to the ladys room he said ok 

Harrys p.o.v

She is perfect but niall likes her and he even asked her out for dinner omg all these paparazis are going to put things out there oh here she comes gosh she is so beautiful 

Kims p.o.v 

Hey there I'm up here I told him as I cought him starring at me he blushed the fool came we ate up I was really hungry so harry asked me were was I from I told him I was from la ,ireland,england we was surprised he told me he was going to pay I said ok he was taking me home we just pulled up I told him thanks he told me to wait he got my hand and wrote his number on my hand and said call me I smiled and said ok 

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