Harry or niall


4. my after noon

Well I'm home just doing sitting down watching tv and my phone vibrates n=niall k=kim

N-hey beautiful 

K-hey niall 

N-lets go swiming 

K-ok I'll be ready in 10

Kims p.o.v

I put my swim suit on it was a 2 peice with stripes I put my hair up in a pony tail then I heard a knock at the door and I went to go get it i was nervous I opened it and it was niall hey I gave him  a hug I told him  to come in I just needed to get my towel he said ok I asked if he wanted any thing and he said he wanted me and winked I gigled I went to go get water for niall then I felt someone put there hands around my waist I looked up and it was niall he was wispering in my ear saying that I looked hot in the bikini so then I got my towle hand we left I didt know the boys were going to be there they were with there girlfriends but I saw harry kissing some girl witch broke my heart so I got niall hand and we walked hand in hand niall looked at me and harry saw and look sad so I waked in and gave every one a hug

harrys p.o.v 

gosh wHaat did i just do I kissed a girl in front of her well she walked in and gave me a hug I didt let go so we were play fighting under the water I told her the winner get to do what they want with the winner she smiled and said ok she looked perfect even under water and I won I yelled so I grabed her waist I told her id by her a drink she smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek I hope she didt see me blush I bought her a beer she got it and her phone started to ring 

kims p.o.v 

I got my phone and answered it hello hey mom "hey honey how's it been "fun actually I'm with some friends right now she said bye and hung up I went to niall hey cutie he smiled and gave me a kiss that really surprised me 

Nialls p.o.v 

That felt great kissing her but don't know if she likes me well she laid down next to me I she gave me a hug I pulled her on top  of me she was blushing well I have to tell you something I really like you and I really hope you feel the same all the boy were about to leave and harry waved to her and said call me I grabedd her and threw her in the pool with me she started to complain but I shut her with a kiss after she smiled and started to kiss me I pulled back and asked her if she liked harry she said that we were really nice lads she reaseved another call she answered it and started to cry I got of the pool and put her on my lap she hung up the phone and kept crying 

Kims p.o.v 

Niall kept asking me whats wrong I told him that my mom was sick in the hospital and just a few weeks ago she had a baby so niall hugged me I told him that If can drive me home he just carryed me to his car we pulled up to my drive way and asked niall if he can get down with me he said ok we go inside the house I told niall I was going to buy 1ticket to go to england and he stoped me and said buy 2 I'll go with you I smiled and gave him a kiss he said he be back he was going to go get his clothes ready and take a shower I got up and walked him to the door gave him a hug and thanked him we kissed I really loved it when we kiss 

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