Harry or niall


6. meeting his mom

Kim's p.o.v

I got ready as fast as I could I wore a white short sleeves and and some skinny jeans and my white converse then we were on our way to nialls moms house i asked him will your mom like me he answered she won't like you she'll love you ok i gave him a kiss as we pulled up to nialls moms house he open my we enter for a couple of minutes then left cause our flight was early we got to the hotel and fell asleep early then in the morning I was throwing up Niall came and asked me if I was ok I told him I think I'm pregnant he got happy after I was finished throwing up Niall came with a test I took it it was positive we were so happy I started getting ready for the plane ride so we are now on our way to the airport and we just told our families the news they are so existed So I'm 4 weeks already so you can kind of tell I have a bump we are already on the plane I told Niall are you happy he smiled and said yes

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