Harry or niall


5. getting ready for tomarrow

Nialls  p.o.v 

I was happy it was just going to be me and her I got to my house and the lads were there I took a quick shower and I was packing my bags thinking I forgot to to take her to dinner harry walked in hey were are you going he asked I told him to england for kims mom he looked sad but I really liked her I finished packing and got a call from kim can you come sleep with me to night I said ya hun I got my bag and put it in the car and drove to kims house go there I knockd on her door she was just so cute she opened and I walked In 

Kims p.o.v

Hey niall I gave him a kiss he smiled we watched some tv until we got kind of sleepy I told niall to  come sleep with me on my bed he smiled we got to my room we laid down he grabed my waist  I hugged him and we looked in to each others eyes and he kissed me and said good night the next morning it was 7:30 an we leave at 10:40 so I woke up niall and I got ready I put some high waisted shorts with a white spegety strap and some black vans I was in the miorri  puting my make up on and niall grabed my waist and looked in to the miorri I said we look perfect together he said maybe you should be mine he said I kissed I'm him leaving him red lip stick on him i laughed we werent even together and I kissed him so many times we were already on our way to to the plane we were trying to find our seats and there they were we sat down and the plain was ready to leave we were already in the air 

Nialls p.o.v 

She fell asleep on me I took a picture of her and put it on twitter and taged her with a caption said  I really love her isn't she perfect  ok then harry commented she is  

I'm kind of scared of meeting her dad but idc she woke up minutes later she saw she had notifications and saw them she smiled and gave me a kiss kim can I ask you something she smiled and said yes I told her if she wanted to get with me  she blushed 

Kims .p.o.v

I couldn't beleve it niall horan is asking me out I said yes and kissed I'm I got my phone and took a selfie of us and put it on twitter and tagged niall and put its oficial he's mine with a heart  niall commented no your mine and that's it I looked at him and said I love you he kissed me and we were already here in london my dad had came to pick us up we went to see my mom she was way better that was good niall texted his brother to bring him his car to my dads house the actualy live pretty close niall got me and asked me if I wanted to go with him to his moms house I said ok

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