Harry or niall


2. friends night out

Today I am going out with my friends but they all

Have boyfriends so there trying to find me a boyfriend 

*puts radio then gets in the shower* 

Omg I'm in the shower and my favorite song 

Came on story of my life 

I was sing along then it came to me that


And it was nialls birthday

And my friend said we were going to a club were 

Famous people go so I got ready fast 

I curled my hair I wore a white  crop top with some high 

Waisted shorts put some mascara and red lip

Stick I texted my friend lina 

K- hey lina I'm ready xxkim

L- kay gurl be there in 5 

K- ok

It was 7:30 I went out side saw lina in her

Range rover got in I greeted her bf and this other cupple

We got in I want to dance so bad well we all kind of split up

So I was by my self so I went to go get a drink 

After I had like 6 drinks I went to the dance floor 

And just started dancing then some guy taped me on the

As a slow song had came on he asked me if I wanted to dance with him I said sure not knowing who it was  

I looked up omfg are you kidding meit was harry styles slow

Dancing with me after it finished I was going to get a drink and I was about to pay for it till harry came and said I'll get that for youi said ok

Then niall horan came to call harry cause they were leaving by then i  had like 11 beers so harry told niall that they would take me to there hotel so I went  

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