Harry or niall


8. boy or girl

Today they are going to see if I have a boy or girl so I got ready just put on some swets and a white tshirt  so nialls been staying at my house for like 1mounth only 10 days till the baby's here I haven't got nothing for the baby so now me and Niall are pulling up to the doctors he got the door for me we walked in hand in hand well I put my name on this list for patients and after like 10 minutes they called me in they had me lay down on the bed and then they started putting this gelly thing on my belly

Nialls pov

I'm so existed to see what we're going to have as soon as I find out if it's a boy or girl I need to text harry because he's going to have a baby shower for her tomarrow also since he's the god father so the doctor started looking at her stomach and omg it was a boy gosh just what we wanted I was so happy I texted harry he was happy he told me all our family's are staying for a mouth I new he's always liked Kim he was the first to bring her home but I took her he said if I ever hurted her that he would kill me

Kim pov

We finished of we were driving Niall was so existed I was to he told me Kim I have some thing for he had one hand on my waist and one in his pocket he was looking at me in my eyes he pulled it out it was a box he took out the ring and said its a promise ring it was a diamond infinity ring I had happy tears coming down my face he said is that a yes I smiled and nodded he got my hand and put it in my finger it was perfect I kissed him and he kissed me and my belly I smiled then he said come on we're going to go visit the lads and tell them the news I said ok we pulled up and parked we got down and walked hand in Hand to the door I could only see harry I said hey and gave him a hug we walked in the house a little more and so many people yelled surprise I got happy and hugged all of them I didn't notice my family and nialls were here I greeted them Every one would touch my belly I went over to Niall and Harry and asked who's idea was this harry smirked Niall went to go get some food I went to harry and hugged him nd a kiss on the cheek did Niall tell you about and showed him the ring he gasped and said no after I went to go grab some food I ate but then I started feeling pains minutes later my water broke harry and Niall got me and rushed me to the emergency room the gave me a room harry was just there I asked him for Niall he's coming he went to the restroom ok he walked in

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