Harry or niall


7. back in la

Kims pov 

Well we are waiting for harry to come pick us up and we found him he gave me a hug and said hi to niall we put our bags in harrys car he took us to my apartment he was pulling up we got down I asked him if he wanted to come in he said sure we walked in I sat on the couch touching my stomach omg I yelled  they came running to me asking are you ok I said I felt it kik harry looked at me confused oh u didnt know harry I'm pregnant aww he hugged me and rubed my stomach harry asked niall if he was going to leave with him he said yes well bye l gave niall a kiss and hugged harry it was already late I got in the shower and then went to bed I woke up the next morning to have a message from niall saying that they were going to have a party to go at 7:00 I just replyed saying ok I got up brushed my teeth and cleaned my house  then went on twitter to see this picture of niall and a model I felt bad I called up niall he ansered hey babe hey watcha doing he said laying down and asked if I was going to the party and about the baby I told him I don't know if im going to the party and that the baby was kind oh hungry so I will cal him later I hung up and made some food and sat down and watched tv  I just got a text from harry 

h-are you coming to the party

k-I really don't know because I see this pic of niall with this model it just ruined my day 

h- oh want me to talk to him 

k- no but thanks 

H- hows the baby

K-fine I'm going to get ready for the party I might be late though

H-bye see you 

I started getting ready I put some black leggings and a white spegetty strap with a baby blue sweater I put mascara and left it was 8:00 I'm driving to there house I pull up I see harry looking out the door I got down and walked in the house and saw niall talking to this girl and when she saw me they kissed niall saw me I ran out side niall came after me but I got in the car and drove away I was crying  I pulled up to my house my phone kept buzzing it was niall I was in side my house crying my mascara was horibel I went the restroom to clean it off why would niall do this to me why he knows I'm holding our baby my phone kept buzzing I answed it it was niall he said kim I didt do it she's been trying to take me away from you plz open the door for me I went to go open the door he was crying harry was with him he hugged me he stayed there trying to make me forgive him harry had left I asked niall aren't you going home no Im going to stay with you he asked me will you forgive me I told him ok but only because we have a baby he hugged me and kisses my belly he rubbed it 


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