A story I wrote for my friend Courtney, check it out it's awesome (this is punk and contains many sex scenes) ��������


6. chapter 6

I woke up wrapped in Harry's arms, I remember the hot night we had after we went back to his flat. Damn it's getting me horny thinking about it. I began to trace shapes on Harry's abs, his eyes fluttered open and he smiled at me, I smiled back. " morning sexy" his husky voice said, "morning sex hair" he then laughed. I then got up to take a shower because harry said he wanted to introduce me to his gang and let me in on it today.

Skip shower

I got dressed in a pink cheetah print tank top that said 'bitch this is my fucking problem' and I put a pair of black leather pants on and a pair of heels with studs on them, I then put on my SnapBack. I walked out of the bathroom looking hot as ever then harry whistled at me. He was dressed in a black shirt and skinny jeans with a bandana tied around his head.

We then left to meet the gang at this boys house I think his name was Niall.

When we arrived I got greeted with massive hugs and bro fists . The people in the gang where harry, Louis, Niall, zayn, Liam , Perri, Danielle, and Eleanor but we call her el. And now I'm in the gang.

Later that night

Me and harry where fucked up I was high as fuck, he was fucking blazed. We where having a hooka party and they let me host it since I'm new. Then zayn said "this is the best hooka party iv ever been to" suddenly the cops showed up and everyone ran but since me and harry where the highest it was harder for us so the cops caught us and took us to jail. Later in the morning the gang bailed us out but we where on probation , great my first day being in a gang and I'm already being watched by the cops.




I thought to myself.... ;)

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