A story I wrote for my friend Courtney, check it out it's awesome (this is punk and contains many sex scenes) ��������


4. chapter 4

I then Hurd a knock at the door. I went to answer it, it was Emily "heyy gurl you ready to go parttttyyy!!" She screamed loudly. "Hell yeah bitch" I said grabbing her arm and running to the car. When I got into the car Emily's boyfriend was sitting in the drivers seat. I said "hi Jeremy" hey Courtney" he replied. Then Emily got in and we drove off to the party.

SKIPP car ride

We arrived to the party, there was drunken teens everywhere grinding on one another. I walked through the crowd and got a drink, then another, then another, then I don't know how many cause I'm so fucking wasted. I then went to the dance floor and began to dance with random guys. I began to hear Wolf whistles from every direction. (Hehehhe see what I did there) I then got pulled out of the crowd and into a room. I was being shoved into the wall by some random dude, I tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge. He then started kissing me roughly and then he pulled my dress up, and that's when I lost it. I began to scream to the top of my lungs, but he quickly covered my mouth as he played with my lace panties. I started crying hard. I couldn't control it, I then felt a sharp pain in my chest, shit no I thought this can't be happening. I began to have an anxiety attack. And from this point I knew I was going to loose my virginity to a horny loser that's gunna rape me. I then felt free, the guy was off of me. I looked up to see that harry dude beating the shit out of the guy telling him to leave me alone and if he ever caught him touching me again he would be dead.

Then harry quickly ran to me as he saw I was crying. He wrapped his arms around me and said soothing thoughts like " shhh baby it's gunna be okey, shhh I got you" he then picked me up and took me to a different room . He sat me down on the bed and played with my hair. I stopped crying and looked at him with full lust in my eyes. He soon got the hint and moved in, he started kissing me softly, sweet it then became more intense as I slid his shirt off, I traced my fingers over his beautiful tattoos. I then flipped us over I began to kiss down his torso, and back up to his collar bones then to his neck then to his jaw line I then hit his sweet spot he began to moan my name. It was by far the sexiest thing iv ever Hurd. I then kissed him roughly on the lips yet it was a sweet passionate kiss. I then left a trail of love bites down his chest till I reached the hem of his pants. I yanked them down his legs and struggled to get them off, he chuckled lightly at my struggle. He then helped me get them down. I began to rub his hard member making it even harder. I then pulled his boxers off reveling his huge dick, I began to rub it, and give him a hand job. He started to grunt loudly, I giggled and took him in my mouth, as I did he moaned my name about three times. I then bobbed my head up and down, earning a lot of moans from harry, I smiled at how happy I could make him feel. He then pulled me up and ripped my dress off kissing every inch of my body until he found my sweet spot, he started to suck at it as I moaned he then blew hot air on the mark he just made on me and lightly he kissed it coming back to my lips, kissing me ever so roughly. I had a feeling things where going to get dirty, I think I love this man. I don't know I'm drunk. He then pulled my bra off sucking at my perfect c cup boobs I moaned his name as he flicked my nipples with his tongue.

He then moved to my wet pussy( lmao pussy cat) he pulled my panties off and spread my legs. He started to play with my clit by flicking it with his tongue. He then began kissing and sucking, my back arched and I screamed him name "HARRY!!!" he then chuckled and pumped two fingers in and out of me as I moaned. He then pulled them out and licked his fingers , staring at me with full lust. He then pinned me up against the wall and began to thrust inside me hard and fast as I moaned his name in pleasure.

"Ahhh, yes." I shudder as Harry holds me up against the wall. "Yes, baby, just like that.”

"You like this, baby?" Harry asks, grinding into my core with impeccable rhythm.

"Oh, yeah." I nod, swallowing the scream in my throat. "I love it. Give me more."

"Yeah, I will, but you’ve gotta come for me, sweetheart." I gasp as Harry places both of my legs on his shoulders, holding me under my knees. I wrap my arms around his neck as he starts pounding harder into me. “Come, Courtney"Go ahead…Come for me.”

I whine, biting at his collarbone. “I’m not coming….first….you—you—you are.”

My mouth falls open as I stare at Harry, wickedly smiling at me. ”We’ll see about that.”

"Ahh, shit, baby." I moan holding him tighter. "I love you. I love you so fucking much!"

"I love you.” He whispers against my neck. “And I’ll never let you go, Courtney "

I cry out as he pounds into my core real hard. Hard enough to feel painful, yet heavenly at once.

"Do you feel me, sweetie? Do you like it, baby?" He taunts, assessing his balance so he can slowly work his hips against mine. "Tell me!"

"Fuck!" I throw my head back in ecstasy as he rubs his cock all on my g-spot. “Fuck, yes, baby! I feel every inch of your sexy ass!”

"Are you going to come for me?"

I bite his shoulder and shake my head. but my body starts quivering against his, committing treason, and I can’t hold back the dam.

Maybe he won’t realize I’m comin—

I convulse, unexpectantly, (so much for that), and dig my nails into his back as I start.

"FUCK!" I cry. "Harry!”

"Are you coming, love?" Harry smiles against my chin as he speeds up his thrusts. He’s not relenting. “Are you coming, baby?” To stop his gloating, I bite his lower lip, dragging it down. He spanks my ass and I yelp, letting it go. “Don’t be a sore loser, baby. Tell me you’re coming. I can feel it.”

"Harry, please.” I beg as he slows his thrusts. “Please.”

"Please, what, baby?" He smirks pulling my body harder to his.

"Please." I gasp as the orgasms coasts over me. "Ple—"

"Oh, begging is very becoming, Courtney" He smiles holding me against the wall. "It makes you all the more beautiful."

I melt in Harry ’s arms, tired from my orgasm, and he kisses my forehead.

"Who won?" He breathes as I pant. "Who won?"

With lots of effort, I pull my heavy lids up to stare into his smug eyes.

"Who won, baby?" He smiles, letting my legs down from his shoulders before pulling out of me. "Who loves who more?"

I breathe heavily, tilting my head back to look up at him again. “I love you more.”

"When will you learn?" He tuts, backing away from me. "When will you learn, Courtney?" I flatten my palms against the wall as I watch him sit down on the floor before me. "Come here,Courtney"He smiles, rubbing himself. "I’m about to show you who loves who more. Come here, baby.”

I swallow and my legs start shaking as I stare at him stroking his manly length.

"How are you gonna show me?"

"Bring your sexy ass here and you’ll see."

Feeling semi-confident in my abilities to walk over to him, without falling, I push away from the wall, slowly, and do so.

"You’re really wet." He smiles up at me standing above him. "What should I do to you to prove that it is I who loves you more?" He taps his lips then places a finger on my clit. "It’s so—" He thumps it, hard, and I cry out as his mouth covers my swollen, sensitive nub the next second. "tasty."


"Ha-Ha-Ha-Harry." I stutter, balancing myself on his shoulders. "Ahhhhhhh, baby."

"You like this, love?" I bite my lower lip, nodding, as he releases my clit from in between his teeth. "Then you’ll love this. Sit." My legs shake all the way down to the floor where I sit. "Do I do that to you?" Harry smirks, pulling me by my weak, jello possessed legs closer to him. I hope I don’t get rug burn on my ass. "Do I, baby?" He asks again, and I nod as he places each of my legs over his. When I’m positioned, opened to the world before him, he scoots towards me a bit more. "I love you, baby. Will you lay back for me?" He smiles and I lay on my back.

He scoots forward again until the tip of his massive erection is at my wet entrance again.

"Who loves you?" He asks teasing my clit with his tip.

I cup my breasts, breathing my answer. “You.”

"Who do you love?" He smirks, slowly pushing into me. "Is it me?"

"It’s youuuuuu." I groan because he’s all the way in.

"Good, girl. Now who loves who more?"

He grabs me by my hips, bouncing me harder on his length, moving his body up and down, in rhythm, with mine.

My back arches off the floor in response to the intensity coiling deep inside me.... AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN ROUND TWO ALREADY 😉

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