A story I wrote for my friend Courtney, check it out it's awesome (this is punk and contains many sex scenes) ��������


3. chapter 3

I pulled into my drive ready to get yelled at . I got out of my car, I walked into the house it was silent. I walked into the kitchen there was a note on the table. It said " hey bitch I took everything I own I'm leaving forever don't look for me , love mom" what the actual fuck. Ok I guess I don't get abuse anymore. I ran up to my room I have about 3 hours to get ready for the party. I went to take a shower. I turned the water on and stepped in letting every little bead of water trickle down my body. I then washed my body with strawberry shampoo&conditioner, then I quickly washed my body and stepped out into the cold air. I wrapped a towel around my body and began to do my makeup. I did a natural bronzed face look and a smoky eye, I then dried my hair and began to curl it, as every little ringlet of curls fell down my shoulders I finally felt pretty in my life. When I was done I brushed my teeth making them incredibly white. I then went into my room to get dressed I tossed on a purple and black lace bra and matching thong, I then looked through my closet trying to find the perfect outfit. I then found a black long sleeve dress that had little slits on wax sleeve and on my chest, and it had rhinestones on the top of the dress. After putting That on I got a pair of black and silver heels and slid them on my feet.

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