A story I wrote for my friend Courtney, check it out it's awesome (this is punk and contains many sex scenes) ��������


2. chapter 2

It's been three days since my last beating and my body still hurts. My mom was never arrested she told my brother that I fell down the stairs when she was sober. Today I have school it's hell there for me. Iv gotta go get ready, I ran to my room to get dressed because I just hopped out of the shower. I went to my closet and got dressed in a gray coco cola muscle top and a pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of black vans and some sunglasses before leaving my house for school.

Skip to school

As I walked into the school building I felt all eyes on me like everyday, it was nothing new. Then my best friend Emily walked up to me, " hey girl!" She spoke excitedly "hey babes" I replied. She then said " so Courtney can you please please go to a party with me tonight?!" She begged "I don't know I'm not really the party type" I said. "I know but pretty please with tacos on top?" She pouted "fine" "yay thanks babes Ill see you later I gotta get to class.

As I walked to class I saw this guy with green eyes and curly brown hair but the thing different about him from everyone else, he had tattoos and piercing all over his body and he looked quit mysterious yet he looks really hot. I let the thoughts escape my mind as I walked into the classroom.

Later that day after school

I walked out of the school building to my car I was about to get in when I felt a hand tap my shoulder. I slowly turned around to see my arch enemy Taylor "what do you want whore?!" I spat in her face, "ugh! Nobody talks to me like that" "it looks like I just did, now I'm not gunna ask again your wasting my time!" "Ugh! Just stay away from harry he's mine I saw you checking him out In the hall today!" "First of all who the hell is harry? And listen bitch the only people you own is your little bitches standing beside you!" " listen to what I said harry styles is mine!" She then slapped me hard across the face, iv had it with all this bullshit. Soon a crowd started to form into a circle around us, well her goes nothing I thought. I then swung at her and hit her straight in the jaw, then she grabbed my hair but I grabbed hers to and twist it around my fingers and pulled her backwards making her fall to the ground i then jumped ontop of her and began to throw multiple punches. She then got up and tried to hit me put I stopped her hand with my fist I then grabbed her arm and spun in a circle causing her to cry in pain then I did it one more time, I then Hurd a load snap. Then everyone cheered as she blacked out and I Hurd many boys shouting OHHH it's going on world star baby!!!!. I then turned to walk out of the crowd and in the corner of my eye I saw that kid that she said was harry , he was smirking and laughing at Taylor.

I think I did pretty well, i thought to myself as I smirked

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