A story I wrote for my friend Courtney, check it out it's awesome (this is punk and contains many sex scenes) ��������


1. chapter 1

"Courtney!!" My mom yelled from down stairs. I quickly ran down stairs "what!" I yelled at her, but I soon regretted it. A hand slid across my face with much force, I winced at the pain as my eyes began to tear. My mom was drunk again. "Who the hell do you think you are you who're!" She screamed. I then yelled back " I think my name is Courtney and I'm not the whore your the one who sleeps around with men all day!" I screeched with much anger in my voice. I regretted what I said because next thing you know is my brother coming home and calling an ambulance, yea that's how bad the beatings get.....

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