My mind games

This is my real life diary


4. feeling hollow

Is it ok to feel this empty? Do i have to fill myself with feelings? At this moment i feel like i cant breathe and i am hollow. My life now makes no sense because i have all these things going on in my head that won't go away. There's so much pain that lives in my heart and so much anger as well. Can my feelings about myself be real? I know that life has many things to offer and it's what i make of it but sometimes i just want to hide or fade away. I don't really have problems but sometimes i wish i did because i think i have problems which i probably do. I'm so unsure of myself sometimes, i listen to sad songs because it's like the artist is talking right at me and it makes me feel loved and i need to be loved. I think that if i am negative all the time i will get what i want. I feel like a ghost, no soul and hollow, thats how i feel everyday and i will continue to feel that way if i don't have any one to pick me up when i fall.

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