It all started with you

Riley has two best friends Addison and Harper. Of course she is the odd one out not liking one direction but what happens if Addison gets front row tickets and backstage passes or even rents one direction for a week? Riley has a terrible past with one will they ever pull through?


2. Surprise!

Riley's POV.


i slam down the snooze button on my alarm clock and notice the time 7:30 I have and hour and a half. I wake up Addison and Harper and tell them "I'm gonna take a quick shower" I hop in  shaving my legs and under arms and wash my hair. I get out and put on a lavender towel around my body and hair. We decided to go with a spring look since it's May and the last day of school thank The Lord! We  change into this:

We get our makeup done and go down stairs getting our book bags:

We walk out and head to Addison's Kia accord and drive off to school. We get there in less than 10 minutes and hang out in the break area where we can do anything we want. I look over to my left to see the sluts snogging the jocks. Ugh reminds me of Niall. I look over to my write to see the nerds finishing the jocks homework. I look in front to see the popular kids or well my friends Zoey and Victoria coming in really cute pastel dresses. *ring*ring* 

i head to home ec. My first period and see mr. Tonhy. All we do is what we are doing for summer what we plan and all the boring stuff. Finally it comes to me. "I'm going to live in London and study for my make up degree. " I say sitting down. All the sluts go by and say they want to go to the movies aka have sex and the jocks wanna play football and the nerds wanna play video games and popular kids are traveling such as Rainey is going to Paris and Lauren is going to Hawaii. *ring*ring* 

i head to lunch to eat my favorite pizza day they make it really cheesy and warm. Of course everyone let's populates front but I mean I don't even ask I let nerds or honors people in front. I get a slice with a roll and a little dish of butter and buy me an banana. I go sit at the ten seater table with me, Rainey, Addison, Harper, Zoey, Lauren, Victoria, Ava, Lexey, and Bella. We talk about what we are going to do then Addison says she had a surprise. "I'm taking 2 people with me to a one direction concert!" She squels. Rainey says she can't because of Paris, Lauren can't because of Hawaii, Victoria and Zoey can't because they are going to California, Ava can't because her mom is having a baby and lexey and Bella are her cousins so they have to go,  so it just left me and Harper. "Will you two go?!" She asks. "Sure!" Harper says excited. "Uhh why not." I say. "Yeah we leave tomorrow!" She says. Good thing we are going home and 5 minutes. We continue to talk and the bell rings signaling half the day is over so school is over. I say good bye to everyone and Harper, Addison, and I drive to my house and they go to there theirs. I pack 50 outfits but the first 15 were

-a strapless chevron dress with black heels

- mint green shirt with love written in black, miss me jeans and black sneakers

-see through creame shirt with black pants an uggs

-pink pullover jacket with galaxy pants and pink uggs

-black ruffled hollister shirt with skinny jeans and light brown boots.

-white romper with brown belt and cow girl boots

-long sleeve tribal shirt with light blue pants and dark boots.

- red strapless dress with black heels

-galaxy romper with black heels

-aero t shirt with sweats and high tops

-  PINK grey sweats and black converse

-White baggy shirt with thin straps a lace bra skinny jeans and high tops 

-green strapless dress with white heels

-pink sweats with baggy t shirt and converse

-white long sleeve with brown jacket jeans and brown boots with a grey scarf


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