The High Life

***** completely clean!
Alyssa never really knew her mom. She died giving birth to her. But when her dad dies, her best friend, everything goes downhill. Until she meets Finn harries. A cheeky British boy with a longing for adventure and parents who want the best for him. When Finn finally meets Alyssa both of their lives take a dive. Will Finn find his adventure? Will Alyssa find a way out of her emptiness?


3. She's My Girl

~Tanners POV~

Alyssa and I had been best friends since the day she started coming to see Charlie. Being a senior and everything, I didn't get to see her as often as I would have liked but we text and everything. I missed her so insanely much. Even though she's already one year graduated I felt like we were the same age anyway.

As cheesy as it sounds she's my reason for breathing. And I was going to let her know how much i love her before she leaves.

~Finns POV~

"Hey! Are you okay?" Asked my American buddy Troy. "Wha- yeah." I said quickly.

"You're all like... Weird today. And you've only been here an hour and you've managed to put 50 different things in the wrong box."

Currently we were organizing Billy's garage for him and obviously I wasn't doing so hot. What was I worried about? I would probably never even talk to that girl anyways. Why was I so mad that what's-his-name was hugging her?

"Oh, yeah sorry." I said interrupting my own thoughts.

"Who is it?" Troy said rolling his eyes. He sat down on one of the larger boxes, preparing himself for the spew to come.

"Just- it's nobody. She's out of my league anyway." I said angrily.

"Well at least give me an idea of what she looks like! She's most likely not out of my league." He said smirking.

"She may be out of my league but if she's single, you can't have her." I snapped back.

"Alright, alright. Get on with it!" He said annoyed. I leaned up against the wall folding my arms across my chest and crossing my feet, relaxing a bit.

"She's got these gorgeous dark brown eyes, and long, straight, black-brown hair. And her smile? Oh man. But I don't like her or anything I guess. She's got what's-his-name to keep her company. And even if she didn't, she wouldn't like me." I said slowly. Thoughtfully.

"Dude! You are head over heels for this chick! You need to grow a pair and go talk to her! There's a chance that the idiot isn't her boyfriend!" He said standing up.

"A slim chance.." We said together. Sighing I went back to work still unfocused. "It's no big deal. " I said. "Besides, she's not even going to be here for very long. "

"All the more reason to ask her. Like you said, you're probably never gonna see her again. " Troy said thinking he was smart.

Sadly, he kind of was.

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