The High Life

***** completely clean!
Alyssa never really knew her mom. She died giving birth to her. But when her dad dies, her best friend, everything goes downhill. Until she meets Finn harries. A cheeky British boy with a longing for adventure and parents who want the best for him. When Finn finally meets Alyssa both of their lives take a dive. Will Finn find his adventure? Will Alyssa find a way out of her emptiness?


4. Oppertunities

~Alyssa's POV~

The next morning I woke up early. Completely on accident. First off I was thinking about that one guy I saw walking to the shop, and I was kinda just blah. Sleeping was just whatever at the moment. So I went downstairs and outside to sit on the little porch bench we had. It was lifted by chains so it was like a little swing. I sat down in it and started rocking myself a bit. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves out the back. Charlie's house is in a cute little secluded area with not many neighbors, or traffic. Just a little beach out back. It was perfect. And it was our place.

I looked down at my buzzing phone and read a text from my best friend in the entire world! Not Tanner. My one and only un-biological sister, Megan.

-you awake too? -m

-yeah. Just missing u a bit. saw a cute guy yesterday! -a

-omg! What's his name??

-don't know! More deets later! Here he comes! Wish me luck(:

I saw my hottie heading over to the shop. Calm. Be calm. I had no idea how attractive an American flag bandana, a button up plaid flannel, and ripped jeans with work boots could be.


School has been insane!! I only have like 2&1/2 months left of school then I will be free to write!! Sorry for the cliff hanger. Will update soon! -xx A

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