The High Life

***** completely clean!
Alyssa never really knew her mom. She died giving birth to her. But when her dad dies, her best friend, everything goes downhill. Until she meets Finn harries. A cheeky British boy with a longing for adventure and parents who want the best for him. When Finn finally meets Alyssa both of their lives take a dive. Will Finn find his adventure? Will Alyssa find a way out of her emptiness?


1. Memories

"Daddy? Are you and uncle Charlie gonna make a truck fix it shop?" Asked a dark haired, brown eyed little girl as she filled herself a cup of hot chocolate from the machine. James lifted her up onto the work-bench and said:

"Well, I don't know baby! I sure do love doing these things though." James was tinkering away at the run-down truck his buddy Billy had brought over the day before. He felt a gaze from behind him and saw his little girl watching intently.

"Learn all you can sweetheart. In everything that you do. Knowledge is the most powerful thing in the world."


As the car roared to life my dad came up behind me and gave me a hug.

"Good work boss! You're getting good!" He said with excitement.

"I'm catching on old man!" I said as I avoided getting oil stains on the sleeves of my Victorias Secret Jacket. "You ready to get going yet?" I said smirking.

Dad brought out the last of the suitcases and jumped into the drivers seat. We were headed to Charlie's for the week. He had some business offers near there. Sadly the truck shop was turned into Charlie's garage and hardly ever got any business. Billy brought over trucks once in a while but I didn't know of anyone fixing any of them. The shop is my favorite place in the world and I couldn't wait to get there and clean it up! My best memories were at the shop chillin with Charlie and my dad. And the infamous hot chocolate machine on the work-bench.

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