The High Life

***** completely clean!
Alyssa never really knew her mom. She died giving birth to her. But when her dad dies, her best friend, everything goes downhill. Until she meets Finn harries. A cheeky British boy with a longing for adventure and parents who want the best for him. When Finn finally meets Alyssa both of their lives take a dive. Will Finn find his adventure? Will Alyssa find a way out of her emptiness?


2. He's British.

As we pulled up to the house, Charlie came out on the porch ready to take luggage into the house.

"Hey Charlie!" I said as I got out.

"How's my favorite niece?" He yelled back as he surrounded me in a bear-hug. My favorite.

"Hey Finn, when you are done with that will you head over and help Billy?" Charlie called as a tall, handsome looking guy, in a tight white tank top, with holes and oil stains in it and saggy dirty jeans walked over to the shop.

"Sure, Charlie!" He called back in a thick, deep, British voice. Oh gosh. He's British. I watched him jog to the shop, apparently looking star-struck because Charlie and Dad noticed.

"Don't worry. He works for me so you will see quite a bit of him!" Charlie chuckled.

"Down kitty! You're too young to be liking boys!" Dad said smirking

"Yeah, yeah!" I said rolling my eyes at them both. I looked at my buzzing phone and a message from my friend Tanner read:

-is my favorite girl in town?! <3 T.

I smiled at the text as Tanner's car pulled up.

~Finns POV~

This girl's cute. And she's in town for the weekend. You better make a move. So, feeling set on the thought that I would go up and talk to that girl, I decided I would do it on my way to the car to go and help Billy.

But. Of course, some other guy beat me to it. As I got in my car I watched my pretty brown eyed girl giving some random idiot a hug.

Nice one Finny. Feeling somewhat surprisingly defeated I got into my car and drove off to Billy's. She's a little out of your league anyways right?

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