My Life Would Suck (Without You)

Harry Styles and his 4 friends are the most popular people at McKinley high. But what happens when an unknown person starts blackmailing Harry to Join Glee Club. Will he refuse? What are they blackmailing him about? Who are they? How do they know Harry? Read and find out. (Think of Harry as finn but less, you know, awkward. Finn isn't in this)


4. What?

Black. Black. Black. Black.  "Rachel?" She heard. "Rachel, Wake up!" She woke up to find her sister Ashley next to her. "Where am i?" "You're in the hospital" "Why? And why can't I see out of my right eye?" Ashley exchanged looks with her boyfriend Harry and his friends. "Apparently that slushie" Rachel nodded "had rock salt in it" "WHAT?!" "Don't worry though, you'll be okay, you just need an eyepatch" "So why is he here?" She looks at Harry. "I thought you might want to see him" "and why would I?" And that's all it took for Harry to know. 



DUHN DUHN DUH So what did you think. Again sorry it's short they are gonna be like this. Leave ideas in the comments what's gonna happen?? You decide

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