My Life Would Suck (Without You)

Harry Styles and his 4 friends are the most popular people at McKinley high. But what happens when an unknown person starts blackmailing Harry to Join Glee Club. Will he refuse? What are they blackmailing him about? Who are they? How do they know Harry? Read and find out. (Think of Harry as finn but less, you know, awkward. Finn isn't in this)


3. Rachel

(Rachel's POV)

He has got to J​oin, he's got to. Doesn't he? I mean we have Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, And Tina, and Mercedes and-

"Sn​ap out of it, Loser!" The cold, hard slushie had hit her a few seconds after.

Quinn wa​lked by her. "You looked hot, thought you needed to cool down!" Than walked away with Santana and Brittany close behind her. "Suck it!" Karofsky had yelled, and that's all she remembered before everything went black...




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