My Life Would Suck (Without You)

Harry Styles and his 4 friends are the most popular people at McKinley high. But what happens when an unknown person starts blackmailing Harry to Join Glee Club. Will he refuse? What are they blackmailing him about? Who are they? How do they know Harry? Read and find out. (Think of Harry as finn but less, you know, awkward. Finn isn't in this)


2. Harry.

Harry: He was in a band. He was the most popular guy in school. He was dating the most popular GIRL in school. He had a gang: Liam, Zayn, Niall, And Louis. What else could he want? Oh yeah,for someone to stop blackmailing him into joining Glee club.

* Harry's POV*

So it was right after practice, and i was taking a shower. I knew nobody is there so i start singing, i never sing in front of people because i sound like a girl. I thought no one was there but when i heard someone run out i knew i was gonna be the laughing stalk of the school. "Shit" I mumbled. hopefully it was just a nerd who wouldn't dare tell anyone. But when i opened my gym locker, a note fell out and it said:

Heard ya' singing, wanna join glee club? JK that wasn't a question. we need a strong MALE voice and i think you might fit it. P.S. i don't think you sound like a girl. yep, you were thinking out loud. 


Who the hell is RB? 


Sorry it was boring, and short, it was just a fill-in. And don't be offended by my old name, it was a joke. I will update every Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, And Thursday. Sorry for taking so long to update, i was grounded. And if you comment and follow me, (Can you follow on here?) I will return the favor.

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